Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jacob Chatting

Here is a video of Jacob on his cell phone copying Nathan talking to Comcast. I was in middle of vacuuming (which is why the cord is laying in middle of the floor - and no, we usually do not let Jacob play with it)! But Comcast called Nathan back to "discuss" our services and Jacob decided to have is own discussion as well. Now he talks like this all the time, but it was pretty cute to capture it on video for the first time.

Jacob has been feeling left out when grandma, daddy and mommy all get a Starbucks. So, grandma brought him his own small Starbucks cup and lid on Saturday morning (empty of course) and Jacob thought it was very cool! He played with it all day until there was nothing left of it and we had to get a new one on Sunday.

Jacob has been learning to many new things lately, it's difficult for me to even begin to tell you. He is starting to talk more and more, but he does understand so many things we tell him. All we have to do is say "Go get your Sippy Cup or Tigger or a book or a Diaper" and he is off getting it. But he is saying car, baby, ball and a few others. But he has to say it on his own time, he does not like to be prompted - he rebels.

Time Outs! Yes, we have started time outs and it's working beautifully! He has to sit on his bottom for one minute away from his toys and all distractions, we explain what he did wrong and then he has to hug to say he is sorry for what he did. Now he is putting himself in timeouts!!! I'm not kidding. He has done it three separate times now, all I have to do is get the mean-mommy-tone "Jacob" and he puts himself over in his timeout spot for a few moments and then he comes over and promptly gives me a hug to say he is sorry. Ahhhh.... this mommy stuff is easy!

Jacob has learned to blow his nose this week - yes, like you needed to know that. But I think it's cute. He learned it on his own by watching me - we both got minor colds. So, he grabs a kitchen towel or a baby wipe and blows really hard (doesn't wipe) and then has a huge booger hanging out... yes, I should get a picture of that! Would you stop checking my blog?!? But he already knows how to wipe his face off after he eats meals, it's pretty cute!


laurelgrace00 said...

I can hardly wait for the blowing of the nose picture...snot included!