Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and you got to spend it with the one's you love. We had a wonderful weekend, for once we were able to just stay home and relax! On Friday, I took Jacob to a Valentine's playdate to his friend Kaile's house where they exchanged Valentine's with a group of kids - it was pretty adorable! I tried to keep Jacob away from the cupcakes that Erica made (pictured below) and we almost made it until the very end, but Jacob spotted them. So, I let him endulge, well devour the cupcake. It was pretty cute and messy! Thank you Erica and Kaile for a memorable Valentine's Party!

Jacob chatting with Landon

Kai and Thomas

Kaile being the hostess

When we got home, Jacob and I got out the crayons and stickers to make daddy a special Valentine's Day card.

"Hmmm... what should I draw?"
Okay, really he was just chewing on the crayon, but it made him look smart, right?

I Heart You!

There's that smirk we all know and love!

Jacob reading a Valentine's card.

Getting all shy giving mommy her Valentine's card - Awww, how cute!

We went out to a local Italian restaurant and Jacob got to have his favorite food - pasta! Slurp!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone, We Love You All!

Venturing out to Lowe's during the weekend - Jacob getting a driving lesson from daddy. We are getting ready to remodel our master bathroom since we have already remodeled our other two bathrooms in our house.

During the past 2 weeks, Jacob has shown a huge interest in feeding himself with a spoon or a fork. He does not want mommy or daddy to do it, he will make a fuss until he is able to hold the utensil. Even though it ends up being a huge mess for me to clean up after meals, Jacob is doing a great job! I am putting his meals into bowls and he is dipping his spoon in the bowl and understanding the spoon goes straight into his mouth.

Having fun with green jello at lunch yesterday.

At breakfast this morning, he even scooped up Cheerios in milk in his bowl! He is growing up so fast!

Mouth full of Cheerios.

Upset when the Cheerios were gone.
Jacob is now singing to himself too, it's really cute. We have a few books that make noise and he will sing along to them or hum to me when I sing to him (or attempt to sing to him).