Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Swimming Class - My Little Fish!

Jacob and I enrolled in a "Mom and Tot" swimming class twice a week for a month and we had our first class on Monday. We are in the class with Kaile, Bronwyn and Kai, Jacob's friends from my mom's group (also the mom's I went to Hawaii with). Jacob absolutely loved the class!!! For the first part of the class we went into the big pool and just got the kids used to the water, I asked the instructor to dunk Jacob because I thought Jacob would do okay (he loves to take showers and get in the water) and Jacob did great, he laughed and had a smile on his face the entire time. So, he got dunked a few other times during the session. Then we went into the toddler pool for the second half of our class where the kids are able to touch, but poor Jake's feet just seem to float up all the time, he likes to float on his back and kick his legs - it's pretty adorable. But we played with water toys and played singing games and tried blowing bubbles in the water. We are looking forward to the classes to come!

Jacob's swimming suit!

"Ready to go to swimming class mom!"