Thursday, January 22, 2009


Nate and I had a date night last weekend with some friends, Brian and Amy, it was a lot of fun! Thanks mom for watching Jacob!

Amy, Brian and Aidan got Jacob this fun toy, you match the different farm animals in the red barn and it sings fun songs. Jacob loves it! You can even mis-match the animals and it will start singing "you made a cow-pig or a horse-chicken" Jacob will laugh, but will feel pretty proud of himself when it sings "you made a match, look at what you did!" He carries the red barn around by the handle all day long - thanks guys!

Jacob is getting really good at playing ball, we have been practicing a lot, he even says ball. Also, thank you to Molly, Jeremy and Baby Hollis for Jacob's t-shirt, a gift from them while they were visiting from Hawaii.

On Tuesday, like most others, Jacob and I watched the Inauguration all day. He was so cute, I have several pictures of Jacob sitting in his pooh chair watching Obama give his speech and pictures of Jacob standing at the television just watching all the excitement! It was a very inspiring day for our family and we are proud to be Americans!

Since Christmas, Jacob has been playing with all his new toys, so his books haven't been noticed too much by him lately. Until now... this week, Jacob is all about his books! I have read each and every one of these books to him this week.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

16 Months Old

Wow, Jacob is 16 months old today. He is really becoming such a BOY! Oh, my goodness, where does he learn this stuff?!? I ask all the women in my mom's group and even my doctor, and you know what the answer I get is... "He's just a boy!" I'm going to have my work cut out for me! All the girls in our playdates are so patient and quiet. Jacob likes to run and get dirty and throw things and play hard and yell loud and climb up the slide and wants to explore everything and should I go on... And see the bruise on his forehead in the picture below, yeah, that's even self-inflicted and he thought that was funny. Scary! I was freaking out at that, and Nate just laughed at me, said "honey, he's a boy, get used to it." And Jacob is one curious little man, wants to see how things work, just like his daddy.

Jacob is now into spinning himself, of course it's difficult to get a picture of him doing this but it's hilarious to watch! He gets so dizzy afterward, here is a picture of him after spinning, trying to figure out how to stand up. And yes, I always make sure he is spinning where there is nothing hard he can fall on.

We bought this school bus for Jacob at Christmas time, he loves it! Thank goodness it doesn't sing "The Wheels on the Bus" or I would have the song stuck in my head forever... but he sticks the little people in there and has a blast with it all day.

We had a playdate today at a friend's house who has a playground right next door.

"Ah, mom, did you forget about me over here?"

On Sunday, my mom and I went and got manicures and pedicures (yes, we do this every 2 weeks)! But, when I got home, I saw this... Jacob and Nathan still in their pajamas on the couch watching football. Pretty cute.

"Hmmm... what do I want for lunch? PB & J please?"

My Connaway Boys

Jacob's new love... Legos! We have a bag of 80 Legos and let me tell you, I pick every single one up twice a day. Usually once during his nap and then at night. I finally hid them today, Jacob might like them, but mommy needed a break. Jacob will take the container out of the toy box, carry them over to me so I can unzip them and he laughs as he dumps them out... yeah, funny. But, he does play with them through the day (and so does mommy and daddy)!

Jacob has always been a fantastic sleeper! Slept through the night early on as an infant, had a few problems early on as teething began, but usually only waking up once a night. Over the last 2 weeks, Jacob is now sleeping A LOT! He is going to bed at 9:30 after bathtime, sleeping through the night and not getting up until 11:00 or NOON. Then he is wanting to take a nap about 3 hours later, still asleep by the time Nathan gets home from work. We are actually having to wake him up from his nap, and he goes down for bedtime just fine that evening. I am figuring this is just a growth spurt happening, but I started to get a little worried, so I called our doctor this evening. She was out of the office, but the nurse called back and assured me that this was normal... it was okay that he is sleeping 14 hours a night and then taking 4+ hour naps. So, if any mom's out there have experienced similar situations, please email me and let me know - because I am still a little freaked out!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Pictures

We bought a new camera lens about a week ago, we found a great camera store in Seattle that doesn't try to sell you the expensive stuff that you don't need (since I am not the expert photographer)! We just bought a cheap lens that doesn't even have a zoom like our other lens that our camera came with, but it takes good pictures of Jacob. I am still getting used to it, the guy at the store told me to take it home for a few weeks, try it out and bring it back if we weren't happy with it. So, the following pictures are not fantastic. I am really, really, really trying (Nathan, did you catch the really part) not to use the automatic function on our camera. It has so many other creative modes that I should be using, but as I mentioned, I am not a professional photographer... just a stay at home mom who is addicted to taking pictures of her son (can you tell)?

I thought I would start out with a not so cute one of Jake. I usually post the "Awe, isn't he cute pictures..." Well, here you go. I do admit, he is an angel 99.2% of the time... here is proof of the other portion.

Playing with his piano, he dances all the time to the music.

Jacob's newest thing is "All Gone!"
After he is finished eating something, we say "all gone," and hold out our hands and shrug our shoulders, he is now copying us. When he finishes a meal, he holds out his hands like this - it's adorable!

"All Gone"

"All Gone"
I believe this was after daddy was giving him chocolate. He kept coming back to the couch every 30 seconds or so checking to see if there was more and shrugging his shoulders... Is there more yet???

We had a special visit during the week. Aunt Maggie, Uncle Jerrod, Whitney and Kennedy came for a night and brought Jacob some Christmas presents! They were going to stay a few days, but as most of you have heard, Seattle area got hit with major flooding this week and they needed to leave before I-5 got shut down so they could get home. Also, a little announcement for those of you that don't know.... Jerrod and Maggie are ENGAGED! Congrats, we love you both so very much! Maggie has also started a blog for the twins, there is a link on our page called the Mickle Family, check it out! Whitney and Kennedy are growing up so fast, I can't believe they turn one year old next month, they are now crawling and standing up supported. They are beautiful, just like their mama!

Laughing at grandma

Jacob made buddies with our waiter tonight at dinner. Our waiter was really attentive to Jake and talked to him a lot, bought him a huge ice cream sundae (we didn't even order it), played with him, and was just a nice guy. And won points with Jake with a balloon... and as you can see, Jacob was attached to the balloon for the rest of the night!

I finally had to take the balloon away, here is Jacob NOT looking at me. Giving me the silent treatment.

Sad face... still not talking to me.

Okay, he is almost 16 months and he already knows how to work it! What a sad face because mommy took away the balloon, no crying or screaming... but what a way to make mommy feel guilty!!! And yes, I am saving the balloon for tomorrow!

I liked this picture I took of Nathan, what a handsome man!

Strike A Pose!
I was messing with the different settings on the camera the other day, and told Jacob to strike different poses for me...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Papa Coach, Mama Coach, and Baby Coach

I have been pretty lucky to have gotten 3 nice purses over the last 2 years or so...

The first one (Papa Coach) I sort of used my skills on... found it in the store on our honeymoon and told Nate I would someday use it as a diaper bag. Umm... yeah, I can just say there was no proper place to store the bottles, right? Next, came Baby Coach which is a nice memory. My mom and I bought purses together on our trip to Vegas last year at The Venetian. And then my newest to the family, Mama Coach, she joined this weekend. A Christmas gift, thanks mom! So, as you can tell, I am not much into shoes (well, Merrell's maybe) not into jackets (well, Columbia some) not into jewelry (well, diamonds are a girls best friend) but purses... got to love em!

Jacob received a Christmas package from his Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa in CG, Oregon. It had this really-really cool zip-up sweatshirt in it. We had just watched the movie Wall-E and there is a picture of Wall-E that when you push it, he lights up and flashes. Jacob was enamored with him! And there were books for Jacob, one of them is First Words. It has a page of foods, which is Jake's favorite, he loves to point to the strawberries in particular for some reason. Thank you!