Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eatin' and Drinkin'

As I have mentioned before, we usually get Jacob an empty Starbucks cup when we drink our "addiction" but last night I slipped this on his sippie cup and he thought it was AWESOME! He kept coming up to my Chai Tea and giving me cheers.

At dinner tonight, Jacob had Mac N' Cheese and I had to break out the phone camera. He had cheese everywhere! All over his hair, in each ear, up his arms, all over his face, a mess but worth all his smiles. We had a great time laughing with him and watching him shovel his face full of pasta!

On Saturday, Nathan was invited to Portland to go fishing with some co-workers. My mom and I took Jacob to the mall to visit the Easter Bunny (picture will be posted at a later date) and we bought Handy Manny light up shoes... thanks Stefanie and Kai for the tip! But Jacob got to experience a happy meal and I had to break out the camera phone once again.

He enjoyed the hamburger bun, after a few bites he disected the burger and discarded the pattie. Our doctor said this is normal until around age 3, most kids don't care for meat (which Jacob has shown a disinterest in chicken and any kind of meat). But he loved the bun and ketchup!

He enjoyed taking the fries out of the carton... and back in the carton... and out of the carton.

Wiping his mouth when he got messy.


Anonymous said...

His first happy meal... yes, you can blame Grandma.