Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bye-Bye Bottle!

Jacob loves his flashcards and all of his first words books, he enjoys pointing to all the pictures and now he is able to say some of the words! It's so fun to see the excitement on his face, even in the last few days Jacob has learned so much. He will point to the shoes and then point to his own feet, he will point to the orange and then point to the bowl we have sitting on the table that is full of oranges. He will point to the car and say "car", he will point to the lion and make a "grrrrr" noise (it's a very tame lion, but a good grrrr noise) and he makes a good monkey noise too. The picture of the cat is "kitty-kitty" and he can say "ball" he is starting to say "book" pretty well. Many other words that I won't bore you with, but it's amazing to watch him learn and grow. He is becoming such a young boy.

Jacob usually gets 1 bottle at nap time and 1 bottle at bedtime full of cold milk, the rest of the day is sippie cups full of water (with a little bit of juice). On Monday I decided Jacob needed to go cold-turkey (well, at least try)... and it worked!!! I was so nervous, but I put Jacob down for a nap Monday afternoon without a bottle and guess what? He fell asleep! Yeah, it took him longer to get to sleep, he talked in his crib for about 20 minutes, but he didn't cry. So, we have been a bottle-free house for 3 full days now! My goal was to accomplish this by his 18 month birthday, which is on the 15th of March... cutting it a little close, aren't I? But hey, we did it! Yippee!

What a cutie!

"What mom?"

Auntie Libby came up and stayed with us for a few days this week, it was a lot of fun. Jacob had such a great time with her, he fell in love! Everytime she disappeared out of the room, he looked for her and always wanted to sit in Libby's lap. Here they are together watching it snow outside. Thanks for visiting Lib, Happy Birthday, we love you!