Wednesday, March 25, 2009

18 Month Checkup

Jacob had his 18 month checkup on Tuesday and all is well. He is weighing 23 pounds (25th percentile) and is 31.5 inches tall (15th percentile = short)! Jake weighed 21 lbs 9 oz at his 12 month check up, so he hasn't gained too much. The doctor said since he isn't too tall, he is such an active boy and all his motor skill are just fine, he is okay! Jacob still has the 12 teeth but has 2 teeth poking it's way through ... which explains the bite he gave his friend the other day.

Jacob and I have also joined a Kindermusik class once a week for 10 weeks. Tuesday morning was our first class and Jake had a great time! We are in the class with 5 other mom's and kids and it is a taught class, so Jacob will get a lot out of it. We also start swimming classes on Monday, twice a week for a month at the local swimming pool. And we will continue with our library story time once a week, Jacob enjoys listening to songs, stories and of course bubbles at the end!

Jake is just growing up so quickly, I watched the video of him walking for the first time last night and I couldn't believe how fast the time goes. He is now pointing to certain objects in books when we ask him where the things are, or who they are (and actually getting them correct... especially when they are Pooh and Tigger related). He is really working on making animal noises, is obsessed with lions. He is still off the bottle, went cold turkey - they are all safely packed away in storage and is drinking cold milk from a sippie cup twice a day. We are still working on going down the stairs safely, he doesn't quite understand the concept quite yet. He is such a cuddle bug in the mornings still! He gives GREAT bear hugs and will point to your nose, ears, eyes, chin, tongue, teeth, hair, belly button, cheeks and will pucker up for a kiss on the lips!


laurelgrace00 said...

That's Great! You are such a wonderful Mommy, you and Nate have done a nice job with Jacob!