Saturday, May 31, 2008

Walking Supported

Jacob is now walking supported, he is using the help of the couch or table but he is walking pretty good. And we cannot hide items anymore (the remote control and my cell phone are his favorite items to play with, he knows the difference between the real deal and those fake toy phones and remotes) but Jake now understands what object permanence is, if we put an item under a pillow, all he has to do is move the pillow!

As most of you know, Nathan is going to North Dakota for about a week for Dave's wedding in a few days - Congrats Dave and Suzanne, we are so happy for you!!! My mom, Jacob and I will be making a trip down to Oregon on Friday, we are trying to see as many family and friends as possible. We will be staying in Eugene, so give me a call if you will be in town and can stop by to visit.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I was attempting to find pictures of Nathan in his dress blues in honor of Memorial Day, unfortunately, most of those pictures are printed out and not on our computer. These pictures are from the Marine Corp Ball in 2003, Nathan's company was just getting ready to deploy for the second time to Iraq a few weeks later. The first picture, Nate is kneeling down on the left; the next picture, he is the second from the left.

I love you Nathan, we are all very proud that you have served our country. Semper Fi.

Jerrod, Maggie and the girls came to visit us this weekend. Nate is remodeling our guest bathroom (aka - his bathroom) so Jerrod came to provide his expertise in tiling. Thank you Jerrod for all your hard work, we appreciate it very much!

While the girls were lounging on the couch, Jacob would crawl over to them, stand up next to the couch and hold their hands. Most of the time, he would try to chew on their fingers (his second tooth has now popped through).

Thanks for coming up here guys, it was great seeing you and it was wonderful cuddling with the girls, they are beautiful!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Growing Up!

Jacob is growing up so quickly! He is very mobile and getting into everything! Toys no longer occupy his day (and let me say, we have gotten some cool toys lately, they even entertain Nate and I) but stairs, cords, cat food, the garbage can, the couch, the DVD player, the kitchen table chairs and much more entertain him now. My day consists of following him around; he can crawl from one side of the house to the other in a few seconds and grab items quicker than I can blink. As you can see, we put a baby gate going downstairs, we have yet to put a gate going upstairs, but it's coming soon.

Wow, there is a blue sky out here... no more snow or rain!

Hmmm... what is this green stuff? Can I eat it?


After the attack

Jacob has now learned to climb stairs. We got home late one night from a BBQ and Jake was very tired! As soon as we got home, we put him on the floor of the living room and before we knew it, he was heading up the stairs for bath time. He made it half way up (of course, I was behind him ready to catch if needed, so no need to cringe grandma). Here is a picture of where he ended up, he was so tired and unable to go further. He actually put his head on one of the stairs to go to sleep - it was adorable.

Jacob loves to wear hats, he has his own and actually leaves it on when we go outside - but I think he likes his daddy's better.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I had the best first Mother's Day! Nathan cooked me breakfast (including Starbucks tea and flowers), then my mom and I went to Bellevue to have fancy facials. It was wonderful!! At the spa, we received plush robes and slippers to wear and relax in front of a fireplace, where we then proceeded to get warm foot soaks in their relaxation room. Next, our hour long facials (you wouldn't think someone could massage your face for an hour, but let me tell you, they can and it's fabulous)! Next, I took a Swiss and Steam Shower, where 20+ jets spray me from all around (Nate, can you install one of these in our bathroom remodel next weekend)? My mom and I received pedicures and manicures next, it was a nice relaxing afternoon! Thank you mom, you are not only a wonderful mom, but you are my best friend and I love you.

Thank you Nathan, for giving me the day off and staying home with Jacob and cleaning up the house for me (even doing laundry)! I love you so much and I am truly blessed to be married to you.

Remembering being pregnant with Jacob, I knew I would love my son with all my heart, but I honestly had no idea what that entailed until he was born. I didn't even know this kind of love existed; Jacob warms my heart each and every moment, he is the best Mother's Day gift - I love you Jacob Bailey, you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I am proud to be your mom.

I tried finding a picture of Jacob and I to post, but guess who is always behind the camera lens?!? Nathan, it's your turn to start taking pictures. So, here is a old picture of Jacob and I, he was about 5 days old. Geez, I look exhausted!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Toys, Gates, Sleepover and Movie(s)

My mom and I went to Babies R Us on Sunday (aka Baby Costco, because you know you are not leaving that place until you spend at least $100)! Jacob got a few new toys, he loves this one, it sings fun songs and lights up. He even wiggles around a little at the tunes, and he is fascinated the big orange button.

I am thinking baby gate season is upon us... I caught Jacob trying to climb stairs today.

Jacob got to sleepover at grandma's house this weekend, he had a great time! So, Nate and I decided to go to the movies, I wanted to see Made Of Honor (I know, chick flick, but it's McDreamy) and he wanted to see 88 Minutes. I caved and we went to see a 7:00 PM showing of 88 Minutes... afterward, Nate felt so bad because we spent 88+ minutes of our time at - let's say - a mediocre movie. He made it up to me by purchasing tickets to see at 10:20 PM showing of Made Of Honor! The reason I reiterated PM is most of you that know Nathan, understand this is LATE! I actually was able to have a conversation with my husband past midnight... what a wonderful date night!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Catching Air

Don't let go daddy...

Oh, maybe I can do this on my own!

Jacob is doing so well, he is a crawling machine, and of course, gets into everything he can (he is fascinated by the fireplace). He is standing pretty good, supported mostly and for a bit on his own. It's wonderful that he can go from being on his tummy or back to sitting up and then to crawling. He is just growing up so fast! And we are so proud of him!!

We are trying to teach Jacob to pet the kitty nicely, not to pull out hand fulls of hair. As you can see, Shadow is not amused. Although Shadow is really tolerant of Jacob, he will stay put for about 30 seconds, then he is out of there.