Sunday, January 27, 2008


"The Embarrassing Picture"
I was changing Jacob's clothes this morning on the floor, and before I could reach for a diaper, he was rolling away.
As you can see in this picture, Jacob has a lazy left eyelid (inherited from his mom unfortunately). We went to a doctor last week to have it checked out. Jacob can have 2 surgeries to correct it, which we opted not to at this time. They ran a few tests and found out Jake's vision is fine, and were told to come back in a year unless it continues to get worse.

Such kissable cheeks!!! Jacob has found his ears, and he loves to feel the texture of his hair. He also loves to pinch mommy and daddy's cheeks and noses, he will pull our faces to his so he can give us a sloppy kiss!

Finally enjoys being put in his car seat.

Kisses from Daddy

Feeding himself... now if he could just change his own diapers!

Such a happy baby!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Maggie Update & Jacob Milestone

Maggie is doing well, she was released from the hospital last week to Jerrod's brother and wife who live about 10 miles away from the hospital in Portland. She had an ultrasound before she was discharged, the girls are doing well, weighing 3.1 and 3.4 pounds. Maggie is feeling great and is taking it easy.

Jacob rolled over yesterday for the first time from back to tummy! He has been really close lately but couldn't figure out where his arm was supposed to go, and could roll from tummy to back easily. Today he keeps rolling over from back to tummy and then to his back again and giggles. He is growing up so fast! He is just a joy to be around and is such a great baby. We are so proud of him! Here are some cute pics from a couple of weeks ago. Jacob LOVES to be naked, as most babies, he can reach his feet much easier.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

4 Months

Happy 4 Months Jacob!
Wow, we can't believe how quickly these 4 months have gone by! I have the wonderful opportunity to stay home with Jacob every day - I have the best job ever! He makes me laugh each day and I love spending time with him. He had his 4 month checkup the other day, Jake weighs 14lbs, 10 oz and is 25" long. Our doctor gave us the green light to start rice cereal and some veggies in the upcoming weeks. Yum, Yum... carrots, squash and peas. Oh, the fun diapers to look forward to.

Jake has hit several milestones over the past month, he seems to learn something new each day. His smile is amazing, it just melts your heart, and when he laughs, you can't help but laugh with him. And his pout is very effective on me, he just pouts his bottom lip a bit, and I'm toast. He is now rolling over, from tummy to his back, tummy-time is going very well, Jacob actually enjoys it now. He is holding his own bottle for most of his feedings, sometimes it ends up in his eye or up his nose, but eventually the bottle finds its way back to his mouth. Jake is mimicking our sounds and gestures, he coo's very loudly now. He wants to stand all the time, if he starts to get fussy, I just stand him up and he is a happy boy. He is starting to teeth, and is a drooling-machine!! The best part is Jacob is still sleeping ALL through the night!!! I LOVE IT! He sleeping for 9 hours straight (9-7) wakes up for a bottle and goes back down for 1-3 more hours and has been doing this for 2+ months. He makes this mom job too easy!

Here are some pictures taken in the last few days.

Finally getting used to the camera... although I have to start taking the picture, move my head from behind the lens and talk to him to get him to smile or giggle.

Jacob in his big-boy crib. He is still sleeping in his bassinett in our room, but is starting to take naps in his nursery.

Tummy-time, just about to roll over.

If we try to help him hold his bottle, he pushes our hands out of the way. Very stubborn little boy... wonder where he gets it from?!?

He gave me the "pout" right after this photo, telling me our photo session was ending!

Loves to look at himself in the mirror... lots of smudges on all of my mirrors! He laughs at himself and get embarrased.

Kisses from Daddy!

Nice Drool!

Playing "SUPER-BABY!" We take flights to grandma's house and sometimes to Disneyland or the Zoo.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Maggie & The Twins

On Sunday, Maggie had a bad coughing spell and thought she may have dislocated a rib, her and Jerrod decided to go into the ER. Upon arrival, she found out she was in labor with the twins' at 28 weeks along and was having contractions 3-4 minutes apart. Maggie and Jerrod were rushed by ambulance from Astoria to Portland's Emanuel Hospital, where they have an excellent NICU. Maggie was given medication to stop her contractions and medication to help strengthen the twins' lungs. Her contractions have stopped, although she is dilated to 2 cm and 75% effaced. Contractions began again for her on Monday and was given more medication and they have stopped, so at least we know the medication works on her body. She is still in the hospital, but is feeling great and is in good spirits and getting lots of rest. She is hoping to be discharged soon, but will be staying with Jerrod's brother and his wife a few miles away from the hospital and on bed rest. The girls are measuring at 2 pounds, 12 oz and 2 pounds, 15 oz, so let's hope they get a little more time to bake. Maggie, just know you and the girls are in our thoughts everyday and we are wishing you the best. You have lots of family and friends behind you and you are in everyone's prayers. We love you!