Thursday, January 7, 2010

Merry Christmas!


Picture 341

Jacob opening his last day of the Advent Calendar…. he was sad to see it go, getting a chocolate everyday for a month isn’t too bad!

         Picture 349 Picture 350

On Christmas Eve with daddy and grandma

Picture 356

Picture 363

Leaving Santa cookies & milk and carrots for the reindeer.

          Picture 377 Picture 380

Coming downstairs Christmas morning (slept in until 9am)!

Hugging “DOOF” which is all snowmen in 2 year old language.

          Picture 390 Picture 396

Picture 382I guess Jacob was on Santa’s “nice” list because he got what he asked for, a foo-foo (choo-choo).

          Picture 399 Picture 409

Opening our stockings from Santa at grandma’s house

Picture 401

 Picture 416         

Giving mommy and daddy gifts that HE picked out for us.  Picture 412 


Picture 435

Picture 427

Picture 440 Jacob had SO many presents for Christmas, he had a ton of fun opening all of them.  He had to take off the bows, ribbon and name tag before he carefully opened each gift. 

Picture 459

Picture 464

Picture 445

Picture 475

We set up his train set during his nap, he was so surprised when he came downstairs. 

Picture 503Jacob has become a PRO at this puzzle, he puts it together in about a minute (and does it 30 times a day).   He is so proud everytime he finishes it, it’s so adorable to watch his mind work.