Thursday, August 13, 2009

Condo for Sale – Seattle Area

        Outside Lake



          LVR DNGRM


           LVR2  Kitchen


          Entry Bath1


           Mstr  Bdrm



           Bath3 Garage1




2 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath

Gated Community, Lake Access, Low HOA Dues


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seafair and Birch Bay

             Picture 081  Pic 001

  Finally, some pictures of Jacob and Mommy!

Picture 090                                                     Our family and the Kilborn Family went to the Torchlight Parade in Seattle a few weeks ago.  This marks the start of Seafair, which is a month long festival.  The parade was 2.5 miles long and was at night, so all the floats were lit up, which Jake loved!  We got a great spot on the corner of Pike and 4th and the kids were great during the entire parade.

Picture 091








Picture 159 Picture 167  Picture 170

Picture 215   Jacob’s first ride on the Light Rail up to Seafair, bad picture of me, but Jake really enjoyed the trip!

 Picture 227

Jake waiting for the show to start!  Wearing a free pair of sunglasses we got at the fair, he thought he was COOL!

Picture 218 Hydroplane Plane Races on Lake Washington, they reach speeds up to 200 mph on the water.  It’s so fun to watch these guys.

Picture 238







This is the “Fat Albert” plane, it transports all the Blue Angels equipment (and the crew is Marines)!

Picture 244

Picture 257

Picture 265

The Blue Angels show – The F/18 can reach speeds just under Mach 2, about 1,400 mph!  It was so much fun, we took Jake last year but he was still pretty young.  This year, he loved the planes and the noise they made as they flew by.Picture 283

Picture 282

Picture 297Jake’s airplane we bought him at the fair, would have gotten him a Blue Angel plane, but it said Navy on it!  :)  Although, 2 Marines fly in the Blue Angels… maybe Nate missed his calling, instead of Motor Transport, he could be flying up there…


Last weekend, the Kilborn Family invited us up to Birch Bay for a 3 day weekend (yes, Nate actually took a day off work)!  Clint’s parents, Laina and Mike live up there and welcomed us into their beautiful home.  Kai and Jake had SO MUCH FUN together, it was a great family getaway!

Picture 317

Picture 346

Picture 450


Picture 343

The boys swimming in the toddler pool, Jake was loving jumping in from the edge (he didn’t even care if I was there to catch him).  He did a great job going under water and blowing bubbles.  In the picture above, he got so cold from being dunked and wanted some cuddle time to get warmed up!  How can I refuse that face?!

Picture 351

View of Orcas Island

Picture 353

Picture 359

Stefanie showing the boys teeny-tiny crabs.

Picture 365

          Picture 366 Picture 371

We got to ride Thomas the Train while we were there!  It was a 15 minute ride into the woods where they had staged lots of interesting things to look at – the boys enjoyed it!

Picture 374

                    Picture 377

Picture 384 Picture 387  BOYS WILL BE BOYS!

                                                                                       Nice and Muddy!

Picture 389

Picture 398

Picture 400 Jake had a great time in the tide pools, since he is a daredevil and goes straight for the water every time – he was finally allowed just to run!

Picture 407                                                            You’d think they hadn’t seen each other in weeks!

Picture 410







Realizing for just a second that he was all muddy and wet… he looked at me as if “is this okay mommy?”

Picture 428Laina wrote the boys’ names in the sand as the tide was coming in. 

         Picture 417 Picture 420

Picture 431 

Stef, Kai, Nate and Jake going clam digging with their little shovels and buckets.  Too cute!

Picture 426 Jake trying to help out – Nate would find clams and put them in Jake’s way so he would find them and contribute to the pile.

Picture 435

The tide started to come in (we had to go rescue a few toys),            but they continued to dig for clams.

Picture 441

Jake going through the loot (we left the clams on the beach).

Picture 470

Thinking he was being smart by crawling into our bed while we weren’t looking… sorry buddy, pack n’ play it is!

Picture 472 Snuggling with mommy after he fell off a chair, I love my cuddle bug!

Picture 199

Jacob skipped his nap (refused to go down) one day, and here is the result… asleep while eating dinner, hamburger still in hand and he would chew every once in awhile.

Picture 209

Jake, Nate, Clint and Kai had a boys morning out, they went to a Toddler Home Depot Workshop and made their mommy’s this cute little message board.  Of course, Jake just wanted to have hammer sword fights with Kai, but he did hammer in a nail or two.  My first homemade project!

Picture 305

Picture 306

Jacob wanted his stuffed animals swaddled like a little baby all day long, he would sit and read books to his “baby” and rock.  Time for a baby sister or brother?!?

Pic 006

  Picture 482

Picture 478

We went to order Jake’s 2nd birthday cake and we bought him a blue dinosaur cookie, he wasn’t sure what to do with it… he finally bit the head off and was dyed blue for awhile.

Picture 486

He built this tower using all his legos, I just held in upright (you can see there is not much of a base).  When Jake insisted that I let go, it fell apart and he cried – poor guy!

Picture 493

Jake got his 4th haircut today, he even got gel put in just like daddy does.  I got him a Happy Meal on the way home because he did such a great job during his cut. 

What a big boy!