Sunday, July 26, 2009

4th of July and Playdates!

On the Fourth of July, we took Jake to a Kid’s Day Festival.  He had a great time running around, going to the Petting Zoo and playing in the sun.  That evening, we went to grandma’s house and set off lots of fireworks, Jake would say “boom, boom” and couldn’t get enough of the lights and noises.

Picture 468

Picture 478        

Picture 485

Picture 492

     Picture 494           Picture 495

Picture 500

        Picture 510 Picture 522

Picture 526

Picture 516







Jake having fun in the pool at grandma’s house, he loves to get wet!  I put my feet in the pool and started splashing him, he would just laugh.  I love my little fish!

Picture 534Picture 541Jake had been really getting into matchbox cars, it’s the first toy he gets out everyday.  “Vroooommm” is now is his vocabulary. He will line them up perfectly and of course wants praise for it.  Nate is worried he is getting some OCD tendencies, but I think it’s just being a 2 year old…

Okay, so Jacob has an OBSESSION with the ‘vacuum (aka the “ba").  I can’t even explain to you the amount of time Jake asks for the ba – first thing when he wakes up and he tells everybody that comes over where it is (several times).  I finally got it out of the closet one day because he was asking for it so many times.  Jake will kiss it (with actual smack noises), hug it, put a phone up to it’s ear (picture #2), put stickers all over it, feed it banana under the closet door… that was fun to clean up!  It’s like his imaginary friend, but an object.  I hope he gets over his crush soon because I am afraid he will need therapy later on in life if this lasts too much longer.

                   Picture 570IMG_0369

We finally brought over his pretend “ba” from grandma’s house and sometimes it is able to let Jake relax from not having the real deal.  In the picture on the right, (from my phone camera, not a great picture) he is introducing the two ba’s.  

Picture 557

  Picture 561

Picture 564


Playdate with his buddy Aidan who is 2 weeks older than Jake.

Picture 575

Our friends from Astoria came up for a visit, Laurel, James and baby Teagan.  It was so good to see you guys!

Picture 576

Kai, Abby and her new baby sister Lucy came over one morning for a playdate.  Jake did so well with the baby, he was very interested in giving her loves.

Picture 587







Jake’s 3 B’s… the ba, the balloon, and baseball.

Vacuuming while watching sports, I am raising a good man!

Picture 593 He is getting so old, he looks like a little man!

IMG_0352 IMG_0354

We went and met grandma for lunch one day, we went to a restaurant that is filled with fun stuff to look at.  Jake LOVED the train that would go by, he would wave bye-bye to it as it passed.  This was Jake’s first restaurant trip without using his high chair and he did great! 

IMG_0357   Picture 075

Picture 073Picture 068 





Lake days with Kai!! 

One of Jake’s favorite things to do is go to the lake and hang out, especially with his friend Kai.

Picture 078 Mt. Rainer, view from the lake.

Picture 015Jake’s first successful attempt at a BIG BOY CUP!  Looking a bit confused at first, then takes a drink and he did it! 

Picture 011

We had a big playdate at grandma’s house a few days ago, Jake had about 12 of his friends over to play in the backyard!  Jackson and Thomas playing in the fountain (a favorite toy among all the kiddos); Stefanie holding Kendall, Kelsey’s beautiful little girl.

Picture 016 Picture 019

Chelsea driving; Bronwyn and Gage playing house.  Picture 027 

Picture 022

  Picture 035     Zach looking like a stud!                            Handsome Jackson!

Picture 032

Kai and Jacob playing in the pool

Picture 041 Picture 052 We went to Vasa Park in Bellevue for Nate’s company picnic.  It’s a great park which includes a playground, great swimming area for toddlers, a floating dock with a diving board and a few slides, basketball court and volleyball net.  It was a lot of fun and was the first time daddy was able to go to the lake with us and watch Jake swim!  As you can see Jake went underwater a few times and always comes up with a smile!




Jake picked up my camera the other day and said “cheese” to me, trying to get me to pose.  Guess he is getting tired of being on the other side of the camera all the time! 

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oregon Coast Trip

We decided to get a beach house on the Oregon Coast for a week this summer and invite friends and family to come and stay with us.  We had so much fun with everyone, it will definitely be a repeated event.  We will miss the sand under our toes, the beautiful sunsets, Jake’s happy face while running on the beach, but we will take a million memories away from that week and cherish them forever! 

Thank you to my mom and Darel; Stefanie, Clint and Kai; Abby and Rod; Chris and Kim; Bill and Jane; Jessie, Will and Forest; David; Dad and Ilana; Marshall, Nan and JP; Kathy; Sara and Matt; Melissa; and most of all to my husband, thank you for taking an entire week off of work – it was absolutely wonderful spending time with you and Jacob.


We had a four car convoy coming from Seattle to Oregon… Our car, my mom’s car, Darel’s car, and the Kilborn Family’s car.  Of course, Nate used to being in “military convoys” was in the lead (plus we have the radar detector).  We stopped in Corvallis, Oregon to get the best pizza EVER (The Dream) and took Jake and Kai to a local park to run around and get some energy out.  It was a great thing to do and was a beautiful day.  Thanks Libby for coming over and meeting us, it was so good to see you!

Picture 130 Here is our wonderful beach house, it slept up to 14 people, had a great set up for a large party and a fabulous view of the ocean!  It was a good house to us for 7 nights, we would recommend this house anyone. 


Our first night there, we went out to the beach (which was a short walk) and watched an incredible sunset.

Picture 136 Picture 243 

                       Clint and Kai                             Nathan and Jacob

Picture 145 Jacob’s favorite thing to do … RUN!  And he had the room to do it there, except he constantly wanted to go in the water.  The kid is fearless, he will run straight into the ocean, it didn’t matter that it was freezing – it was fun! 

Picture 149




Picture 147

Daddy and Jake playing in the low tides.

Picture 152


 Picture 164

Picture 166




Picture 197 

Picture 195




    Clint & Kai




Picture 205 

Picture 202

Jacob helping grandma make a salad, well he is getting the first bite!

Picture 208Grandma and Grandpa Darel taking Jacob to the beach.

Picture 212 Grandpa Chris getting some kisses from Jacob!

Playing Catch

Chris playing catch with his grandson.

Picture 218


Picture 251

Making sandcastles

                                                                                                                                                         Jacob walking Lady

Picture 254

Three generations of Connaways… help us all!

Picture 248 

Jacob upset at daddy because we wouldn’t let him run into the ocean.  What a pout!

Picture 237


 Picture 257Beautiful photos of “our” beach next to our house.

           Picture 259Picture 265

We drove up to Cape Perpetua and of course, this was the day Jake wanted to be independent and walk all the stairs and trails by himself.  Uh, I don’t think so!

The Kilborn Family, thanks for all the laughs and wonderful times.  It was great to have our boys together for a few days, they are so cute!

Picture 268 Jake picking leaves and flowers from the State Park…

Picture 270

Shhh, don’t tell!

Picture 283


Picture 276

There is a beautiful stone house at the Cape, where the boys had some fun.

                                                                         Again, getting in trouble

Picture 285

Picture 287










Bill and Jacob

Grandpa Bill and Jacob

Picture 306

Picture 307Picture 308Picture 312Picture 454

  Great Grandparents Bill & Jane                Nan and Jacob

Picture 315  Picture 317

Jacob rocking out to             I-Tunes music!


We went out to dinner once while we were on vacation, Jacob almost ate an entire fruit plate there.  In fact, he ate so much fruit during the week, I was worried he would turn into a watermelon!  He would keep saying “more peeeeze!”

We usually give Jake showers at night, but we let him play around in the bathtub and he was having so much fun blowing bubbles in the water and playing with his toys. 

Picture 331

On our way to the Sea Lion Caves, we stopped off at this lighthouse for some scenic photos.

Picture 338

                           Picture 348

  At Sea Lion Caves, which Jake loves seeing all the animal, he would growl (thinking they were really lions).

Picture 353  

Getting ready to go on Jake’s first dune buggy ride!

Picture 364 

We had a great time!  Jacob loved it and hated it when we tried to cover his face from the sand, he wanted to watch everything.  The only time Jacob got a little cranky was when the driver slowed down once, he wanted to drive fast!  We were lucky to sit in the second row, while mom and Darel were in the front row… the really windy and sandy seat!

      Picture 368Picture 366

Picture 375


Jacob loved that fact that the beach house had door handles he could open (he even figured out how to unlock the front door), stairs that were easy and especially a low dining room table that he could crawl up and sit at.  He thought he was such a big boy!

Picture 372Picture 452

Sara and Matt came to visit for a few days from Eugene, with their dog Billie.  Jacob had a great time with them!  Sara’s birthday was on Thursday while we were there, so we had a few decorations and some yummy cheesecake (and some drinks of course)!

Picture 382Jacob loves playing with dogs, especially Billie and Lady (and no, we are not getting a dog).  Poor Billie had to sit through 10 minutes of Jake throwing the frisbee for her.

Picture 391

Picture 397

So, we were dorks and did a few puzzles and played card games throughout our stay (Matt kicked my butt in Gin Rummy).  Nate, Sara and I worked on this 1000 piece puzzle and it was a difficult one, lots of solid colors.  We let Jake have fun destroying it.

Picture 422 Matt, Nate and Darel worked another 1000 piece puzzle, but I have to say it was much easier! 

Picture 406


We went into a nearby town to go grocery shopping (our small grocery store wanted a fortune for anything).  We found a nearby park, Jacob and JP were able to run around and play.  This is Jacob for the first time on a big-boy swing.  He did pretty good and held on tight!



Picture 413Aunt Melissa brought Jacob an awesome truck to play with, he loved this thing and would pack it everywhere – especially on the beach.  Thanks Aunt Mel!

Picture 457

Picture 456 Jake and Mel

Picture 433

        Picture 436

Nate and Jake flying a kite on the beach, it was more Jake running after it…

Picture 460 Picture 463 On our last day, we went to the beach for a minute and as you can see, Jake was tired (fell immediately asleep after this photo).  As most of you point out, I am hardly ever in pictures because I am always the one behind the camera lens… so, here is saying we tried, maybe next vacation!

Picture 459

Thank you family and friends for a memorable week!