Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grandma's New Backyard

Jacob loves his table and chairs, his pooh chair and his red couch (don't ask me how we fit all this furniture into our condo)! We have been working on coloring with washable crayons and markers (yes, Stefanie and Nathan ... CRAYONS). Nate and I found a big Super Sleuth Pooh and Tigger coloring book that Jacob is having fun with.

Getting in trouble for eating the crayons!

Between getting 4 teeth (including both eye teeth), a growing spurt (sleeping 12-14 hours a night and taking 3-4 hour naps) and now a chest cold - Jacob has not been feeling too well. He has been a super cuddle bug! Here is a picture of him (yes, I cropped myself out) cuddling up with me on the couch the other night for 2 HOURS. He didn't even fall asleep, he just laid there playing with my finger nails and *sighing* Of course I want my baby boy to feel better but I have to say I enjoyed my cuddle time. I took him to the doctor yesterday morning to get him on some medication for his congestion and he is doing much better, but still sleeping the day away!


Here is a picture of my mom's backyard when she moved in a few years ago. Nathan and Joel fixed up the drainage issue and put in a small retaining wall. Darel didn't want any grass in the backyard (at the time, there was no Jacob) so there was just a cement patio and a garden.

I didn't have a before picture, but this area where the blue flower pots are was raised up about half way up the retaining wall for a flower bed. My mom decided that Jake needed a place to run around (and have a play house) so we took the weekend to put in some grass!

The boys hard at work! Nate wasn't able to help on Saturday much, he spent the day at Habitat for Humanity in Seattle. But he did help mom with wiring electrical for her lights and on Sunday. Thanks honey! And Jacob helped out too, he wants to grow up so quickly and be like the big boys. He had a hard time just staying back and watching.

Helping grandma plant some flowers.

Kai came over on Sunday, it's amazing how entertaining transferring rocks from bucket to bucket can be for boys.

Shaking the tree - it's snowing in April !

And we have grass !!

They still have the large cement patio and will be great for summer BBQ's! Looking forward to it and many get togethers.

Thank you to Ron, John, Jordan, Marshall, Darel and Nate for making it safe for Jacob to play outside! He will enjoy every minute of it ... and you made my mom happy!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Big "28"

My birthday was on Wednesday (yes, tax day) and I turned 28 years old. Most of you think this is still young, but in my eyes, it's just another year closer to 30! Yikes. It's amazing that Nathan and I have been out of high school for 10 years now. Jacob also turned 19 months old on the 15th... how time flies. I had an amazing birthday week, thank you to all my family and friends for celebrating with me and making it a truly memorable occasion. I love you guys!

My mom took the day off and went to Library Storytime with Jacob and I. She got to hang out with my mom's group all morning. Stefanie and Kai brought me a fabulously HUGE bouquet of balloons which was extremely popular with kids! And also brought me Starbucks (and a doughnut, yummy)! Thanks guys! And thanks CoreyAnn for buying me Starbucks the day before... and I am not a old fogey... yet!

Our next stop was swimming class, Jake loved having grandma there to watch him!

Jake is such a little fish, here he is getting dunked underwater.

We went to Seattle that evening to pick up Nathan from work and went to an Italian restaurant in the U-District. It was great food! Jacob did NOT want to cooperate with any pictures, but I posted them anyway. I look a bit wiped out from our long day too!

My grandparents from CG were up in Seattle for a few days visiting my grandpa's sister from Alaska, so we were able to take them over to the Cheesecake Factory Thursday night. It was wonderful seeing them!

On Saturday, we took advantage of the nice weather. We took Jacob to the park and had some fun in the sun!

I met up with Amy and Aidan for lunch at Red Robin

On Saturday evening, some of the girls and I went out to Chopstix, a Dueling Piano Bar in celebration of my birthday. We had a blast! Thanks girls for a great time and all the laughs.
Jess, Stef, Melissa, CoreyAnn & Sarah

Shannon, Erica, Melissa, Jess, Stefanie & Sarah

Erica & Shannon

At grandma's house on Sunday, having fun with painting (or just getting wet).

While Jacob's clothes dried, he decided to grab a blanket and curl up in the dog's bed.

Sitting on grandma's lap watching Tigger & Pooh

Nate and I spent some of the day rearranging our living room furniture making room for Jacob's new furniture (yes, he officially has MORE furniture than we do now). His new table and chair set - Tigger and Pooh of course. He LOVES it!! I will post more pictures of it soon, but he sat at it all night and put stuffed animals on it (Tigger and Pooh). It was pretty cute.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Jacob hanging out with the Easter Bunny!
He loved this bunny, too bad our mall picture didn't turn out like this (the one we PAID for)!! I think it was the basket full of candy the bunny was holding.

Kai, Stefanie, Jess and Jake
This Easter Egg Hunt was Jacob's first and he was ANXIOUS to get started! As you can see, we stuffed his mouth with candy to occupy him so he wouldn't run onto the basketball court to grab all the eggs (which were not really hidden for the 2 and under kids).

Erica, Mike and Kaile

Jacob had one egg in each hand and then he was done - that is all he wanted!


Stefanie and Kai

I LOVE this picture of Jacob. He really seems to be thinking of whether he wants to put his eggs in this Easter basket or not (which he didn't). He held onto them for the entire time of the hunt.

Jacob throwing a bit of a tantrum because we would not let him play in the mud puddles.

Going to Grandma's house on Saturday for Easter. Stefanie, Clint and Kai came over for dinner and spent the afternoon with us, we had a great time!

Having fun with grandma's window decorations!

WOW! Looking what the Easter Bunny brought Jacob!

Jacob with his favorite - Pooh DVD's.

Dying Easter Eggs

"Mom... this waiting is BORING!"

Kai is happy!

"Hmmm... what's this?!"

Grandma and Jake

Eating his first Peep

Kissing bunny

On Sunday, we drove down to Vancouver to visit family. We had a Easter egg hunt for Jacob and his 2nd cousin Preston, this time Jacob really got into it and understood the concept!

"Thanks Preston, I'll just take your Easter basket too!"

My cousin TJ, Karen and Preston

Some of my dad's side of the family. We try to get together in April since most of our families birthdays fall in the month of April (yes, I will be the BIG "28" soon... yikes)!

Jacob jammin' on the piano with daddy.

Jacob having fun with his Easter basket.
Thank you everyone for helping make this a wonderful Easter! We all had a great weekend and made some unforgettable memories. Happy Easter!