Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Season Events

We went down to Astoria for Thanksgiving and had a great time visiting with family and friends.  Jake’s twin cousins, Whitney and Kennedy are getting so big – they will be 2 in February!  Maggie and Jerrod are doing well, they are living at the house in the country and Jerrod has been hard at work fixing it up.  Maggie is going to back school to get her transfer degree.  Chris is doing well, he is close to becoming a long shoreman, so we will be seeing more of him while he works the Ports in Tacoma and Seattle.  He will be traveling to New Zealand next year as well.

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Picture 005 

Picture 007

Picture 010

We took Jake to a Santa Breakfast again this year, he had a great time, LOVES Santa!  He will go right up to him and say hi and asks for a “foo-foo” (choo-choo).  Above Jake and I are in line to get breakfast, below is a picture of Mrs. Claus passing out candy canes.  There were several craft stations for the kids, face painting, dance floor and pictures with Santa (I need to scan in his Santa pictures soon).  

Picture 012

Picture 013

This is Jake’s 3rd year of picking out a Christmas tree, the last 2 years it has been snowing but this year it was just COLD!  We had a great time and had a wonderful visit from my best friend, Aunt Melissa.

Picture 019


Jake’s face when he came downstairs after his nap and the tree was decorated.  He continues to call it “the pretty” every time we turn on the tree lights.





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Picture 056
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At Snowflake Lane in Bellevue with the Kilborn Family

Picture 125

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Picture 216

Some of our holiday crafts!

Picture 221

Making sugar cookies with mom, he was such a great helper!

Picture 233

Picture 236

Decorating the cookies with sprinkles

Picture 237

Lots of sprinkles = Lots of love!

Picture 247

Mmmm… I did a good job!  Santa will be happy.

Picture 249

We took a 3 day trip down to Eugene, Oregon to visit family and friends.  Jacob did AWESOME, he of course loved all the attention but we had such a great time at everyone’s home for the holidays. Thank you, I wish we had more time to see people and to see you all longer.  Above is a picture of a “foo-foo” by Great-Grandma Abby for Jacob. 

Picture 252Cracking up at Grandma and Great-Great Aunt Dottie

Picture 266 Jacob got a TON of gifts from everyone in Oregon, he is spoiled! Jake opened fun matchbox car stuff from Great-Uncle Mark.

Picture 278


Giving Abby some hugs and kisses.  Jake LOVES both of his glow in the dark etcha-sketches, he plays with them all the time!  And we turn on the animal nightlight each evening, he has so much fun watching all the animals go by.   Thank you Eugene Family!



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Jake loves his bouncy ball, his cool car and ambulance and cuddles with his homemade blanket from Great-Grandma Jane each morning.  Thank you CG family!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another little Connaway…

As most of you know through phone calls or word of mouth, we are expecting a little baby Connaway!!  I am just over 5 weeks pregnant or so, I will have a Dating Ultrasound this month to figure out my due date.  We couldn’t be happier, Jacob will be a fantastic big brother and we look forward to meeting our new little bundle of joy in late July or early August.  Thank you all for you continued support, we have the best family and friends! 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween

We went to a few Halloween parties during the month of October for Jacob.  One was at our friend Sarah’s house, she has a boy Jake’s age, Joey and a baby girl Stella.  The kids had a great time running around in their costumes and doing some craft projects!

Picture 021

Picture 026
Picture 028

We had another party with the mom’s group I am a part of, it was a lot of fun for the kids.  Lots of food, games and cool prizes.  Jake was a lion for this party (but didn’t want to wear the hat of course).

Picture 093 

Picture 120



Jake and Landon jumping around to the music



Picture 162

Picture 148


Jake holding Katherine’s hand, they just stood there like this for 15 min.



Picture 174 Giving Jake POP ROCKS (yes, remember those?)

Picture 177

One of the many faces he made from the POP ROCKS, but he actually asked for more after this!

         Picture 189 Picture 191

We went to Albertson’s for some trick or treating.  They had a great haunted house for the kids (which Dracula scared Jacob), we decorated a few cupcakes in the bakery and got candy from all the departments.

Picture 247 Getting ready to decorate his pumpkin

Picture 274

Picture 287

Picture 291

Picture 302 Jake’s finished pumpkin – “all pretty” as he would say

Picture 313

Nate’s finished pumpkin

Picture 323

Jake’s Halloween Basket from Grandma

Picture 328

Getting ready to go Trick or Treating!

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Picture 351

Picture 375

Picture 378









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             Helping make cookies                    Jake’s new haircut

Picture 001 Working on daddy’s computer

Picture 056

Nate bought Jake this hat and mitten set for winter

Picture 057

Picture 058