Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a very busy weekend! We met Brian, Amy and Aidan for breakfast on Saturday morning and we for a walk in the park. Our boys our 2 weeks apart and so it is always a lot of fun to get them together for a playdate.

On the path back to the car, both kids fell asleep! There is nothing more angelic then sleeping kids.

Brian, Amy and Aidan took their first flight in Brian's' dad's plane to the San Juan's after breakfast and he sent me this photo and I though it was so adorable I just had to share it! Aidan isn't too sure about the plane but I heard Miss Amy was up front helping fly...

On Saturday afternoon, Jacob's best buddy Kai had his 2nd birthday party at a bouncy house!! And even the adults were allowed to bounce, so Jake and Nate had a great time. Jacob showed absolutely NO FEAR (which is a little scary to mom, I have to admit) and went from bouncy house to bouncy house to bouncy house. He bounced his little heart house and slid down the slide with daddy more times than I can count! It was a fantastic time, and great to see all the smiles on so many kids faces. Thank you to Stefanie, Clint and Kai for throwing such a great party!

The Birthday Boy

Nate, Jake and Stefanie getting ready to go down the "Big Slide" - which was repeated over and over and over again.

Several people commented to me that even though Jacob is small for his age, he really does show little fear and gets right in there. Yikes for mama! I have a feeling we will be visiting the ER in his future sports days.

Bronwyn getting used to the bouncy house


Happy Birthday Kai

Hmmm... if I touch this candle, will the whole room freak out?!? YES!

Hmmm... should I eat another piece of this cupcake? Yes, it's my birthday!

Jacob VERY excited over his gift bag of Handy Manny stuff (which we just ordered Handy Manny light up shoes).

Yum, this cupcake is DELICIOUS!

Sunday morning, Stefanie, Kai, Nathan, Jacob and I met with CoreyAnn and Bronwyn to support her in the MS walk in Seattle. It is a 4 mile route (which feels a lot longer) from Husky Stadium to Gas Works Park and back. It was an absolute BEAUTIFUL day, couldn't ask for better weather for a walk with our kids. And it was for a great cause and in support for our good friend CoreyAnn!

Hanging out before it started... Jacob saying "This is WAY too early for me mom!" We had to wake him up at 7 am and normally he doesn't get up until at least 9 am or later.

Pit Stop for Beef Jerky, water and bathroom break. Bronwyn is happy!

Kai is happy!

Jacob is happy... sleeping!

Half way there, we reached Gas Works Park in downtown Seattle. Beautiful park on Lake Union. Here is Jacob and Kai... going in for a kiss....

Oh, and here is it! Awww... how cute is that! And now it's on the Internet for all to see! Do I take this picture out and show his first girlfriend?

The kids sitting on the steps enjoying the live band

After we got back to the stadium, we inhaled hotdogs and chips and then played on the football field. It was cute to see all three kids running around the entire field.

Jacob and Kai on the 50 yd. line (I have a premonition they will be football players someday)! Even though Jake is small, he can still be quarterback like his daddy!

And they're off!