Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope all of you have a safe and fun new year! We decided to stay in last night watch movies, have some candy and popcorn and play with toys. Jacob is having so much fun with his race track, the little cars actually go really fast. I haven't seen a toy that has caught his attention for so long, he played with it for at least an hour, if not more.

He loves the pit stop (the part he is playing with in the picture), it makes sounds as if you are changing the lug nuts on the race car tires. He thinks it's pretty cool! Oh, and I even put the toy together... okay, not hard, but I'm proud of myself AND I picked it out!

And I'm the WINNER! It comes with the little trophy Jacob is holding in the air.

New Year's Eve - in our PJ's watching Wall-E in Jacob's Pooh chair.

Had to throw in one last naked picture before the year's end! Jacob has been having so much fun in the shower every night. Tonight, he took his first solo shower, of course we were right there, but he did great! He loves getting under the water and stomping around in it. What a big boy!

Couldn't quite make it to midnight...
There were so many fireworks going off, I was afraid it would wake Jacob up at some point. As you can see, Jacob and blue doggie slept soundly.

We got up this morning and met up with a few of the girls from my mom's group and had a playdate. It was a lot of fun because Nate got to come along. Jacob is getting spoiled with Nate home all week, I think we will both be going through withdrawls next week when he is back at work.

Jacob at grandma's house - teaching him to put money in the piggy bank!

Helping grandma vacuum her house.

Even has his own chair at grandma's house.

Jacob last year on New Years Eve - couldn't quite make it to midnight either.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Presents!

Jacob woke up this morning to more presents! His Great-Grandma Abby sent some Christmas presents up from Oregon and he had fun unwrapping. I think Jake officially has the unwrapping down, although this morning, he wanted to hand every piece of paper he torn off to grandma, so it was a slow process.

We put all the pieces of wrapping paper into this blue bag when he was done, and of course, Jacob being Jacob did not like that. He had to search for every last piece of that wrapping paper in the bag and get it out of there! He does not like things in baskets, boxes, bags, buckets...

Thanks Great-Grandma Abby and Uncle Mark for all the cool toys and books!

While daddy organized the garage and played with all his new Dewalt tools, grandma, Jacob and I played with Christmas toys! Legos, Legos, Legos! And of course, he does not like them stacked, but he'll have to get over it - it's what they are for! Everytime we built something, he had to tear it apart and the pieces needed to be spread apart.

Playing with grandma's cell phone. This is the HARDEST thing to get away from Jake once he gets it! He gets this Blackberry to make noises we didn't know it could make. He always looks so serious while "texting" and talking on the phone (he conference calls a lot). He must be getting into his mimicking phase and is watching how we are on our cell phones. He puts the phones up to his ear constantly as if he was talking on it and listening to someone on the other end. Too funny!

"Hello? Yes, I would like to order a power wheels, a motorcycle, and an ice cream cone to go please. Thank you. Oh, can you overnight that?"

We went to Zoo Lights at the Point Defiance Zoo all bundled up!

Grandma, Jess and Jacob behind the pretty purple tree.

I have to tell this story...
Everynight, Nathan, Jacob and I have our routine. Bathtime for Jake, and then Jake gets to run around naked for a few minutes in his bedroom playing with his books and toys before getting into his PJ's. We get him into his PJ's, read a book and Nate picks Jake up, Jake gives daddy a kiss, then mommy a kiss (real kisses with puckering and noisy smacks) then he goes in his crib with a bottle and his blue doggie. Lights out and we don't hear a peep until 9:30 the next morning (usually). Tonight, we lay him down and say goodnight and he sticks his bottle in this mouth and waves bye-bye! It was just the cutest thing ever! Okay, it was probably one of those 'you probably had to be there' type of moments, but it just warmed our hearts!

Nate & Jake

One evening we watched the movie Cars, it was the first (entire) movie we watched together as a family. Jacob did really well, he sat with us and was entertained by the movie, and then he played some, but still paid attention to the television. Afterward, I went upstairs to take a shower and Jacob and Nathan decided to play around with the camera. Here are a few cute pictures they took:

Nathan already teaching Jacob the "serious football picture" look.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas with all of your friends and families. We enjoyed our Christmas, it was so much fun with Jacob, even though he doesn't quite understand the concept of Santa and Christmas yet, he was a joy to be around and we are so lucky to have him in our lives! We had a true White Christmas, not only did we have snow on the ground, but it snowed for a few hours during the day. It was beautiful to see the flakes out the window while we unwrapped our gifts by the tree.

Darel and my mom came over for Christmas Eve dinner. We also picked up Nate's dad from the train station that evening and he went home this afternoon. Jacob had such a great time with him!

Grandma and Jacob snacking on some dinner rolls, yum-yum!

Darel would push Jacob on his car - really, really fast... it was so CUTE! As you can see in the picture below, Jacob has a huge grin on his face and is laughing. When they reach the end of the room, Jacob backs the car up so Darel can push him again (Jacob also waves bye-bye to everyone while doing this).

Making sugar cookies (okay, not homemade this year) trying to cut back on goodies around the house, but we bought some cookies just for Santa! Jacob and Nate decorating the cookies together.

"Look what I made for you Santa... don't forget about me!"

"Hmmm... I don't think Santa would mind if I take one, or two."

Christmas Morning!
"Yeah, look what Santa brought me!"
Jacob loves this piano, he loves music, so this is a perfect gift for him! It does so many different things, even Nate and I haven't figured it all out yet. (And it has volume control - thank goodness, thanks Santa).

Santa even made a special delivery to grandma's house!
Boo and Derr (for those of you that do not speak 15 month language, translation is Pooh and Tigger) chair and stuffed animals, Jake's favorites!

After everyone opened up their stockings, Jacob promptly removed the bows and ribbons off most of the presents. He would walk around the room and give everyone a bow, at least he is sharing.

I believe I have lost my previous job as gift distributor... Jacob will hand you a present (whether it's yours or not).

Opening his first Christmas present - Legos!

Everyone scratching lottery tickets, hoping to becoming millionaires on Christmas day. We only won $13, maybe next year.

Jacob got a lot of books from grandma!!

Jacob helping grandma open her gift.

We took a break for awhile so Jacob could take a nap (plus there was 10 or so more presents for him to open) and he was a little burnt out. As you can see, after a nap, he was ready to get back into ripping into some wrapping paper!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

15 Month Checkup & Welcome To The World

Jacob had his 15 month checkup this afternoon, all is well with him, although he has a minor cold. Just stuffy nose and a few sneezes - but that's to be expected with all the snow we are having up here! He weighs 22 lbs, 6 oz (20th percentile) and is only 31 inches long (45th percentile). So, skinny and short... hmmm... kicker for a professional football team? He has gained less than a pound since his 12 month checkup, so you can see how active he has been over the last 3 months, and you can now believe me when I say that boy runs everywhere! We are getting excited for Christmas, Nate's dad comes in on the train tomorrow evening to spend the holidays with us. Jacob and I will be making cookies for Santa tomorrow, and my mom and Darel will be coming over for Christmas Eve dinner. Then off to bed early so Santa can come...

Welcome To The World
Natalia Clark
Born December 22nd
Congrats Cameron, Julia, Big Sisters Sophia and Ava
We are so happy for all of you!