Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

Jacob coloring his first picture (without much assistance from us) for daddy's birthday present. He had a lot of fun and didn't try to eat the coloring crayons too much. We have tried several times to color with him and he hasn't shown much interest (he'd rather read) but it was cute to see him scribble and get excited about it, especially for Nathan.

Reading his new favorite book (thanks grandma)! 100 First Words, Jacob loves this book, he will look at it all day and climbs up into your lap and points to all the food items and all the animals. It's truly a great book, but mommy is getting a little worn out on it, so it might have to disappear for a few days and then magically reappear and it becomes like a new present all over again!

We went and got our Christmas tree last weekend, Jacob had a blast, he ran everywhere. He loved all the trees and how they felt. We made the tough decision to get a short tree this year (you know we are huge Christmas nuts) and put it on top of our dining room table. I didn't want to deal with saying "no, don't touch Jake" all day long!

What a cutie!

Daddy, can I have this one?

Jacob always the independent little man, running off in the opposite direction, no matter how much we try to persuade him to follow us. Daddy off to the rescue (with Starbucks of course). We were joking how Jacob is going to be growing up, when I drop him off at school for the first time, he probably won't even want me to walk him inside.

Jacob last year at the same tree farm... my little baby boy.

I got these singing snowmen out this year, at first Jacob just stared at them but now... he knows the on/on switch. I say on/on switch because the are never OFF! He loves them, and of course, they have to be going at the same time. He enjoys the penguins, they have bells on their butts that wiggle and he giggles at that.

Joel, Sara, Taylor and Trista came up for a visit this weekend. Jacob has such a great time with the girls, they play so nice with him and they teach him and are so patient with him. Thank you Jenson Family, we were happy to see you and spend time with you!

We went up to Bellevue to Snowflake Lane (two nights in a row). It's really awesome, it's a nightly free show outside, with really loud Christmas music, lights, and snowflake images on the buildings. Dressed up characters come and greet all the kids (Jake hates Rudolph, I think it's the beady eyes and the flashing red nose) but loved the polar bear and all the others. Real life drummer boys come and perform songs with their LOUD drums and then it starts snowing (well, bubbles fall from the buildings). It's difficult to explain, but it's a great experience and recommend it to anyone!

Taylor hugging Rudolph

Trista, Jacob, and Taylor

On Monday, my mom and I took Jacob back to Bellevue Square to see Santa for the first time and he did great! A little scared for the first second but they got him laughing in no time and I think the picture will turn out great (it's getting mailed to us in the next week). Here is a picture of Jake having his first sucker and the teddy bear he got from Santa Claus!

At dinner, Jacob knows exactly where grandma keeps her Blackberry, I just thought this picture was cute. He already has the thumbs for texting, oh my! And he puts the phone up to his ear as if he is listening to someone talking, what is he, 16 already?!?

We took Jacob back to Snowflake Lane last night, again, didn't like Rudolph but loved everyone else especially all the soldier boys - probably because they had the candy.

Jacob not cooperating with the camera - but there is our short Christmas tree in the background. Next year we will have our big tree back!


laurelgrace00 said...

I love that brown half zip sweater he is wearing.