Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope all of you have a safe and fun new year! We decided to stay in last night watch movies, have some candy and popcorn and play with toys. Jacob is having so much fun with his race track, the little cars actually go really fast. I haven't seen a toy that has caught his attention for so long, he played with it for at least an hour, if not more.

He loves the pit stop (the part he is playing with in the picture), it makes sounds as if you are changing the lug nuts on the race car tires. He thinks it's pretty cool! Oh, and I even put the toy together... okay, not hard, but I'm proud of myself AND I picked it out!

And I'm the WINNER! It comes with the little trophy Jacob is holding in the air.

New Year's Eve - in our PJ's watching Wall-E in Jacob's Pooh chair.

Had to throw in one last naked picture before the year's end! Jacob has been having so much fun in the shower every night. Tonight, he took his first solo shower, of course we were right there, but he did great! He loves getting under the water and stomping around in it. What a big boy!

Couldn't quite make it to midnight...
There were so many fireworks going off, I was afraid it would wake Jacob up at some point. As you can see, Jacob and blue doggie slept soundly.

We got up this morning and met up with a few of the girls from my mom's group and had a playdate. It was a lot of fun because Nate got to come along. Jacob is getting spoiled with Nate home all week, I think we will both be going through withdrawls next week when he is back at work.

Jacob at grandma's house - teaching him to put money in the piggy bank!

Helping grandma vacuum her house.

Even has his own chair at grandma's house.

Jacob last year on New Years Eve - couldn't quite make it to midnight either.