Sunday, December 21, 2008

Enough Snow Already!

Here we are on day 3 on being covered in snow and we have CABIN FEVER! Although we did venture to the mall for a few hours yesterday and it was crowded!! We needed to finish up a few gifts (actually Nate needed to start and finish shopping for me) but our short lived shopping trip did not quench our need to get out and about. So, we made the best of it today and played outside and took a walk down the street to a local coffee shop and had some hot tea (well, coffee for Nate) and a warm bagel. Yum-Yum!

Jacob ready at the front door... "Come on mom and dad - hurry up with your coats and boots!"
Can you tell he was ready to get out of the house? Jacob and I have been doing several playdates each week and now he has been stuck at home for the last few days, so even he is getting a little antsy to get out!

Nate and Jake at the coffee shop - we made it! I want to say we hiked up hill (BOTH WAYS) in 6 feet of snow for miles and miles and miles... you know, like the stories you hear from your grandparents, but it was only like 500 yards away.

Hmmm, not sure what to think of this stuff. Jacob didn't move at all at first. He stood just like this for several minutes with this look on his face. Aren't his shoes cute? I love kid Nike shoes!

Finally, daddy to the rescue! Showing him it was okay to walk on the crunchy snow.

And he was off...

Then it started to snow again, and a few hours later as I am posting this, it hasn't stopped. Nate had Seahawk Football tickets today and didn't go, my poor mom is stranded up at her house and my stepdad is stuck in Portland! Beautiful snow, but frustrating too!
Okay, thanks for letting me gripe!


laurelgrace00 said...

I like you Reath on your door.