Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Stuff

My mom was able to take a few days off this week so we could do some Christmas shopping, it was a lot of fun to spend the day with her and Jacob. She was able to come to a Santa breakfast with Jacob and I and our mom's play date group we have been going to. It was a lot of fun and Jacob enjoyed it, we had a yummy pancake breakfast, saw Santa Claus and listened to a choir sing lots of Christmas songs. It was a festive and fun thing for kids to do, I am sure we will do it again next year!

Again, Jacob did great with Santa Claus (thank goodness).

We went to Toys R Us - Jacob is still young enough, it's probably like getting toys twice for him. Once playing with them in the store, then he forgets about them, we wrap them up and he will get them Christmas morning. We picked out a doll for Toys For Tots and Jacob handed the toy to this Marine standing outside in the cold. We explained to Jacob that his daddy used to do this as a Marine (although it was indoors) and it's good to donate!
Semper Fi.
Today, we were a little crazy... woke up to snow again and then decided after it melted a little to go on a carriage ride that is a couple miles away from our house. They offer it every weekend during the month of December and it's a free service. Jacob had a great time, he of course, danced to the music of the horse walking on the ground. It was really cold, but was fun and an experience we will always remember!

Oh, Jacob refuses to wear gloves if you are wondering... he hated being swaddled with a blanket as a baby, even the minute after he was born. He still hates his arms or hands being restricted by anything (the cape during his haircut). My mom just bought him this winter coat, and we tried a few on him, there was one that was such a marshmellow coat on him (reference to the 'Christmas Story' movie) I thought Jacob would have a panic attack in it. He couldn't move at all, although I about died laughing, he didn't think I was very funny!