Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Presents!

Jacob woke up this morning to more presents! His Great-Grandma Abby sent some Christmas presents up from Oregon and he had fun unwrapping. I think Jake officially has the unwrapping down, although this morning, he wanted to hand every piece of paper he torn off to grandma, so it was a slow process.

We put all the pieces of wrapping paper into this blue bag when he was done, and of course, Jacob being Jacob did not like that. He had to search for every last piece of that wrapping paper in the bag and get it out of there! He does not like things in baskets, boxes, bags, buckets...

Thanks Great-Grandma Abby and Uncle Mark for all the cool toys and books!

While daddy organized the garage and played with all his new Dewalt tools, grandma, Jacob and I played with Christmas toys! Legos, Legos, Legos! And of course, he does not like them stacked, but he'll have to get over it - it's what they are for! Everytime we built something, he had to tear it apart and the pieces needed to be spread apart.

Playing with grandma's cell phone. This is the HARDEST thing to get away from Jake once he gets it! He gets this Blackberry to make noises we didn't know it could make. He always looks so serious while "texting" and talking on the phone (he conference calls a lot). He must be getting into his mimicking phase and is watching how we are on our cell phones. He puts the phones up to his ear constantly as if he was talking on it and listening to someone on the other end. Too funny!

"Hello? Yes, I would like to order a power wheels, a motorcycle, and an ice cream cone to go please. Thank you. Oh, can you overnight that?"

We went to Zoo Lights at the Point Defiance Zoo all bundled up!

Grandma, Jess and Jacob behind the pretty purple tree.

I have to tell this story...
Everynight, Nathan, Jacob and I have our routine. Bathtime for Jake, and then Jake gets to run around naked for a few minutes in his bedroom playing with his books and toys before getting into his PJ's. We get him into his PJ's, read a book and Nate picks Jake up, Jake gives daddy a kiss, then mommy a kiss (real kisses with puckering and noisy smacks) then he goes in his crib with a bottle and his blue doggie. Lights out and we don't hear a peep until 9:30 the next morning (usually). Tonight, we lay him down and say goodnight and he sticks his bottle in this mouth and waves bye-bye! It was just the cutest thing ever! Okay, it was probably one of those 'you probably had to be there' type of moments, but it just warmed our hearts!