Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some Family & Friends Photos

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thank You!

I wanted to take a moment and thank Nathan for the past 10 days. He has to go back to work tomorrow (yes, someone has to bring home the bacon!) and he will be missed by his wife and son. You have been the most wonderful husband and father, you have helped out so much over the last 10 days, all Jake's feedings, dirty diapers, and crying sessions (and my crying sessions... okay, only one so far, but I am sure there are more to come).
And thank you to my mom, who has been a wonderful grandma... she spoils Jacob everyday. She has helped us out a lot, having an extra set of hands has been great. She babysat for us tonight, so Nate and I could go out to dinner (and we didn't even call to check in)! So, thank you to both of you, I have appreciated each and every moment and have enjoyed spending time together as a family. Wish me luck tomorrow...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy 1 Week Jacob!

Jacob had his 1 week birthday yesterday, Nate and I can't believe how fast it has gone! He is just our little bundle of joy and our cuddle bug. He is sleeping pretty well at night, but absolutely loves to sleep with Nate in the rocking chair from 5am - 9am each morning, it's their bonding time. We have had lots of family and friends visiting over the past week, so Jake has gotten to meet his grandparents and several of his great-grandparents, snuggling up to all of them. We had our first non-doctor outing, my mom and I took him over to her work to meet some of her co-workers and Jake slept the entire time. We have had 2 doctor visits this past week, Jake lost 17 oz by day 4, so they wanted to monitor him closely. But we are happy to report, 2 days later, he gained back 6 oz! All of his tests have came back great, so he is nice and healthy and just handsome as ever!

Jake and Mommy (First day that I actually put on makeup...)

Jake refuses to have his hands and arms swaddled in his blanket, he always needs them available for sucking - he seems to prefer his hands to feeding sometimes!

Jake has held the bottle by himself several times now... makes feedings easy! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Just waking up...

Jacob with Daddy.

One of our favorite pictures.

Jake with Mommy.

Nate playing "chubby bunny" with Jake.

First outing to the doctor's office.

Jake with Great-Grandma.

Sleeping... what Jake does best!

Mom's Favorite Picture!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Monday, September 17, 2007

Jacob Video

Thanks to Brian and Amy, our son is now famous!
Jacob's First Photos:
Enter in September 15, 2007
Con - last name
Click on Jacob C.
Enter in Guest Password: G5S2T8P4W6

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jacob Bailey Connaway

Welcome to the World!!

Name: Jacob Bailey Connaway
DOB: Saturday, September 15th
Time: 12:14 pm
Weight: 7lbs 15 oz
Length: 20 1/2 inches

At last, Jake decided to make a grand entrance, after being 6 days past his due date. On Friday, Nate and I saw our doctor and she determined that there was no need to wait until next week for an induction and tried to get us admitted to the birthing center that evening, but they were too full and we were put on the waiting list for this weekend or beginning of next week. Well, Jake had other ideas...

I woke up on Saturday morning at 12:57 am with a contraction, had another a few minutes later, then got up at 1:30 am and my water broke. Nate got up with me and we timed the contractions, which were about 10 minutes apart. We called the birthing center to let them know we would be coming in during the next few hours and we just waited out the contractions which got progressively worse. The contractions got to about 6 minutes apart (they prefer 3-5 minutes to be admitted to the hospital) but I had an extreme contraction at about 3:30 am during which I could not stand or sit and could not speak, so we decided to head to the hospital anyways. We were admitted at 4:00 am, I was dilated to 4 1/2 cm and was 80% effaced and my contractions were in full swing, although still about 6 minutes apart. My mom joined Nate and I at the hospital, so between the both of them, I had a great support system! And lots of hands to squeeze tight!

Around 6:20 am, I received my much appreciated epidural!! It gave me almost immediate relief, but I still felt extreme pressure and was able to know the moment each contraction started and still breathed through each one. My doctor arrived around 7:00 am, found out I was dilated to 7 cm and now 100% effaced, baby had dropped down as far as he could. She told me to take a nap and get rested, I would probably start pushing around noon. I tried to rest, but could feel the contractions quite strongly even with the epi (I can't imagine how it would be without it). I asked to be checked again, thinking I had progressed quickly and I was 9 1/2 cm at 9:00 am. The nurse sat me up in a vertical position to help with the last 1/2 cm, which was incredibly uncomfortable (baby had decided to lodge his legs in my ribs). Our doctor arrived shortly after and I started pushing, after just a few pushes, Nate was able to see our baby's head.

But after 2 hours of hard pushing, our doctor had come to the conclusion with assistance from another doctor that our baby was OP (posterior) which is facing the wrong way (facing up). My ultrasound on Thursday had read the baby was 9lbs, 6 oz, so the doctors became concerned with the possible size of the baby and the OP position, it would be too risky to continue to push and started discussing c-section. It was very difficult for Nate and I to hear, especially since the baby was right there, you could see him, and I really wasn't looking forward to the recovery that is involved in a c-section. One of the doctors decided that they would use a vacuum on the baby, but not to get him out, only to attempt to rotate him before I pushed him out. They were concerned attempting this, they normally don't on large babies, but all the nurses and doctor's that visited our room really did not think he was that large just by looking at me.

So, I had 3 doctors, 2 nurses, Nate and my mom in the room while they turned him with the vacuum... and out he came! They immediately placed him on my stomach, he was so beautiful!! I had previously warned Nate that sometimes vaginal birth babies may not be "pretty" but he had great color and was wonderful! His skin is absolutely flawless, no redness, no rashes, no dry skin, no bumps... just perfect. He has blonde hair and bright blue eyes (for now) and did NOT weight almost 10 pounds (thank god). Did I mention that my epi wore off by the time of delivery?!?! The doctor said that is a good sign that I was pushing correctly using all the muscles that an epi usually numbs, so it wakes up your muscles again.

Jake is an absolute angel, quiet little baby and did very well his first night in the hospital. He quite the little cuddle bug and LOVES his fingers. He likes to be swaddled in a blanket only if he has access to both of his hands for sucking. At all of our ultrasounds, he was always sucking on his thumbs, fingers or entire fist. While he is sleeping, he loves to link his hands together, or have them on his face. It is just too cute! But it calms him down and he hardly cries (yet). We hope our first night at home is just as wonderful as last night.

Nate had been so wonderful, he was great in the birthing room, coaching me through my contractions and counting (although his counting seemed very slow at times!), holding my legs and keeping me updated on Jake's progress right after the birth. He has changed every diaper so far (Jake pooped 4 times yesterday and 7 times today... I know, we are proud parents) and burbs him after each feeding. He has been such a wonderful support to me and we are so proud to be parents, we couldn't love anything more, didn't even think it was possible.

We have a few pictures downloaded, trust me, they don't due Jake justice. He is a beautiful baby, yes, we are partial, but he is perfect! I will continue to post pictures as I get more and we download more onto our computer in the next few days... trust me, you will get tired of seeing pictures of him!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ultrasound - 40 Weeks, 4 Days

Just wanted to let you all know that I had my ultrasound this morning and everything looks perfect!! Baby is nice and comfortable, he was sticking his entire fist in his mouth during the appointment. He is still head down but facing the wrong way, it was difficult to get a good profile of him, so no pictures this time. Hopefully we will go into labor this weekend, I had some contractions this morning... but only lasted about an hour and now I am fine. We will see what the doctor says tomorrow afternoon - stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Doctor's Appointment - 40 Weeks, 2 Days

Nate and I had a 3 hour doctor's appointment today! They monitored the baby's movements and heartbeat for about two hours, everything looks good with him. He was very active after I drank a few juice boxes! I am dilated at about 4 cm, so not much progress from last week. I will be scheduled for an ultrasound this week to make sure the baby has enough amniotic fluid and isn't too big (doctor is estimating about 7 pounds) then we have another appointment to check for further dilation on Friday... if we have not gone into labor on our own, we will most likely be scheduled for induction early next week. Nate and I are hoping to go into labor naturally, so keep your fingers crossed.

"The Look" continued... my mom and I met for breakfast this morning and guess who was our waitress?? The same waitress from one of my previous posts 'the look' but at a completely different restaurant! She remembered me, and that I was past due now and even remembered what I ordered for dinner last week. Crazy!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

On My Due Date (Baby Still In Tummy)

Here I am at 40 weeks today!
Can you tell I am ready to have this baby?!?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

"The Look"

Okay... so Nate picks me up after work and we decide to go out to dinner last night. We walk into the restaurant and immediately the hostess gives me this once over look, pout on her lips and brows pushed together and says, "Oh sweetie, would a booth or table be more comfortable for you?" I sigh and say it doesn't matter. Let me tell you, the walk to the table is like a walk of shame, everyone is looking at you thinking, I am glad I'm not 9 months pregnant. After we sit down, our waitress comes over to take our drink order, again, same pouty look and "Oh honey, how much longer do you have? Is this your first?" I tell her my due date is on Sunday and she proceeds to talk about how absolutely miserable she was during 3 pregnancies, and the last few weeks for her were awful... blah blah blah.

After dinner, Nate and I go to the grocery store, we are walking the aisles and this lady stops us giving me the once over look and with the same look on her face, "Oh, looks like you are stocking up on food, huh? Must be any day now for you, I am sure you are so tired. Is this your first? Etc..." When Nate and I get to the other aisle, he asks me if I knew this woman because she was so open and friendly, I told him I had never seen her in my life. We get in line to checkout at Safeway and the checkout lady gives me the same look yet again, and says "Oh, you are almost done right? You poor thing. How far apart are your contractions?" I just look at her wondering what in the world does she expect me to say? Oh, they are 3-5 minutes apart, but I just decided to come and browse Safeway for the evening?!?! She ends the conversation asking if this is my first child (Why does everyone ask that? Do I look that young?) and telling me I should get help taking my groceries to the car, I then give her look like have you completely ignored that my husband is with me? She yells "Good Luck" with the look of you are going to need it as we are walking away.

So, about 50% of people tell me, "Wow, you don't look 9 months pregnant, you look great!" Even though I am measuring 3cm small now, I still feel like a house. The other 50% of people give me that look as if I am about ready to pop in front of them and they start their sentences with "Oh, sweetie or honey."

I am convinced of a theory that exists between brides and 9 month pregnant women. On her wedding day, you have to tell a bride how beautiful she looks, it's like an unwritten rule. No matter if her dress is not your taste, or her hair looks like a rats nest or her eye liner makes her look like a raccoon, you have to hug her and say you look beautiful! Same with pregnant women, you can't say oh you look fat or I'm glad I'm not you! So, you tell her she looks like she is 5 or 6 month pregnant even though she looks like she will give birth at any moment now.

Moral of the story: Next time you see a 9 month pregnant women out in public, either give her a nice warm smile and nod your head or just avoid eye contact all together. Trust me, it will make her day!

I think I will be staying inside behind locked doors until we make the trip to the hospital.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

No Baby Yet...

I've been receiving a lot of inquiring emails asking if baby is here yet. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and things are pretty much the same. I am still about 3-4 cm dilated and baby is 75% effaced, so he is pretty far down!! It's definitely frustrating being so close and not having regular contractions. My due date is on Sunday and my next appointment is on Tuesday, the doctor said we will discuss inducing options - but she is optimistic that we will have a baby by then. Nate and I are so ready for him to be here, can't wait to hold him and see what he looks like. Hopefully the next blog I post will be lots and lots of pictures of him! Nate and I wanted to say thank you for all your emails and phone calls, we have such caring friends and family.