Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Doctor's Appointment - 40 Weeks, 2 Days

Nate and I had a 3 hour doctor's appointment today! They monitored the baby's movements and heartbeat for about two hours, everything looks good with him. He was very active after I drank a few juice boxes! I am dilated at about 4 cm, so not much progress from last week. I will be scheduled for an ultrasound this week to make sure the baby has enough amniotic fluid and isn't too big (doctor is estimating about 7 pounds) then we have another appointment to check for further dilation on Friday... if we have not gone into labor on our own, we will most likely be scheduled for induction early next week. Nate and I are hoping to go into labor naturally, so keep your fingers crossed.

"The Look" continued... my mom and I met for breakfast this morning and guess who was our waitress?? The same waitress from one of my previous posts 'the look' but at a completely different restaurant! She remembered me, and that I was past due now and even remembered what I ordered for dinner last week. Crazy!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I had a dream last night that you had the maybe today!
I am really looking forward to meeting him as we all are!
Love you guys!