Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ultrasound - 40 Weeks, 4 Days

Just wanted to let you all know that I had my ultrasound this morning and everything looks perfect!! Baby is nice and comfortable, he was sticking his entire fist in his mouth during the appointment. He is still head down but facing the wrong way, it was difficult to get a good profile of him, so no pictures this time. Hopefully we will go into labor this weekend, I had some contractions this morning... but only lasted about an hour and now I am fine. We will see what the doctor says tomorrow afternoon - stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

J & N,

Hey, I am really pushing for a mid september baby.. We are rooting for contractions and the springing forth of another Connaway male.... poor you Jessica... you will never get away. Well, why would you want to?

Be safe. Be Strong. This baby is yours and that is awesome!

Kelly & Lisa

Julia said...

Oh Jess, I am so sorry that your baby isn't here yet. I know that the last weeks before a baby arrives can be desperate and never ending. All of this waiting will be a distant memory once you hold your beautiful baby boy in your arms. Cam and I are so excited for you two. We were just talking about what wonderful parents you will make last night. Jacob is one lucky boy! I was induced with both of my girls so if you have any questions give me a call. If we don't hear from you before you deliver we wish you the best of luck and a quick and easy delivery. Can't wait to see pictures. It's a given that he will be a cutie pie! We will be thinking of you-Julia

Julia said...

Okay so I just read the post about the sympathy looks from the waitress. I totally know what you mean. With Ava I didn't go out for the last 3 weeks before I delivered. Just not willing to put up with the "Oh my gosh you are going to explode", looks from people. Like we don't know how incredibly uncomfortable and huge we look! You are so funny.-Julia