Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy 1 Week Jacob!

Jacob had his 1 week birthday yesterday, Nate and I can't believe how fast it has gone! He is just our little bundle of joy and our cuddle bug. He is sleeping pretty well at night, but absolutely loves to sleep with Nate in the rocking chair from 5am - 9am each morning, it's their bonding time. We have had lots of family and friends visiting over the past week, so Jake has gotten to meet his grandparents and several of his great-grandparents, snuggling up to all of them. We had our first non-doctor outing, my mom and I took him over to her work to meet some of her co-workers and Jake slept the entire time. We have had 2 doctor visits this past week, Jake lost 17 oz by day 4, so they wanted to monitor him closely. But we are happy to report, 2 days later, he gained back 6 oz! All of his tests have came back great, so he is nice and healthy and just handsome as ever!

Jake and Mommy (First day that I actually put on makeup...)

Jake refuses to have his hands and arms swaddled in his blanket, he always needs them available for sucking - he seems to prefer his hands to feeding sometimes!

Jake has held the bottle by himself several times now... makes feedings easy! :)