Monday, June 15, 2009

Having Fun!

We took Jacob to a water fountain park in Auburn, he was so funny, he just liked to observe all the kids there running around in the hot weather. It was fun for him though, a huge park full of different sprinklers. They have a great toddler area as well as bigger kid water toys.

Figuring out the water would turn off and then "magically" come back on.

Trying to stomp on the water holes.

Everyone there had water bottles and squirt guns they were filling up, so I gave Jacob his snack cup and he couldn't get enough of it. What is it with kids filling up cups in the water ... it entertains them for hours! Here is a random boy helping Jacob put water into his cup. Too cute!

Bronwyn came over to play for the day last week.

Jake cuddling with Shadow, he will follow kitty-kitty around everywhere but he has to sit down next to him and pet him. It's very cute to watch, when Shadow moves, Jake will get up and then sit down next to him to give him a hug or kiss.

Lounging on the couch, he is getting so big!

We made daddy take a break from working on our bathroom remodel and we went to the park yesterday morning with grandma. Jake loves this park, it is so great for kids - lots of fields to run around in and a great toddler area for Jacob. Although he is starting to like the "big kid" area now.

Jake's best buddy Kai came to play, here they are right after seeing each other. Nate probably took 10 shots of this on the camera, they were adorable running toward each other.


Slide Contest - I think Kai won!

Chillin' with daddy, I think Jake thought it was pretty cool that daddy was with us since we usually go to the park during the weekdays when Nate is at work.

Jake has always loved getting thrown in the air, it makes grandma's heart skip a few beats every once in awhile... but Jake's laughter is too hard to resist.

Jake and Kai saying goodbye...