Thursday, June 4, 2009

All About Water and The Zoo

This past week has been not only beautiful weather in Seattle, but it's been HOT! And living in a 3-story house has been pretty warm as well. So, Jacob and I have been doing as much as we can during the day to get out of the house to see friends and have some fun.

Getting excited about going to the lake with Stefanie and Kai.

Jacob was already soaked at this point, he really doesn't mind getting wet (as you will see in all these pictures). If he gets dunked underwater, he comes up with a smiling face as he did in swimming lessons. Here he is wanting so badly to just jump back in the water.

Stefanie has a raft for the boys and Jacob just loved relaxing in it for a bit to get all dried off from the water.

Kai and Jake playing with Starbucks cups the entire time in the water.

Kai giving Jake a hug!

Jacob is a daredevil out there, he just wanted to keep walking out into the lake (holding both squirt guns by the way). He went up to his nose and was smiling, guess I should sign him up for his second round of swimming lessons this summer.

Jake and Kai playing with the hose in the backyard, and again, Jacob LOVES getting soaked.

Jacob's turn to learn how to use the hose.

Say "cheese!"

Jacob's new pool at grandma's, pretty cool! Jake's new word for a lot of things "cooool"

Mom and I went to Target to buy some pool toys, and of course, Jake likes the big cups the best. I kept pouring water over his head and he would just laugh. Nothing better in the world than hearing his giggles!

On Sunday, we spend the afternoon at Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. This is our first time there, and we still haven't been to the Seattle Zoo, but we need to devote an entire day there.

He thought the elephants were awesome! The trainer was there feeding them apples.

Daddy and Jacob checking out an exhibit

Looking at the big whale!

Awww... come back!

After a hot few hours walking around, they have a kid area and this great fountain. We decided to let Jake loose and get some energy out - he would walk around this pad and finally figured out that water randomly squirted up at you.

About 15 minutes later, Jacob was soaked but had a great time. Thank goodness we had a change of clothes. Afterward we went out to one of my favorite restaurants on the waterfront, The Lobster Shop!

Jake is getting to the point where he does not want anyone to feed him anymore and he wants a utensil with every meal. It's a MESS for mommy to clean up, but he is learning - slowly but surely.

DQ ice cream cone

Jake does a good job of wiping his own mouth off and keeping himself cleaned off, he doesn't mind being dirty but hates to be sticky.

Shadow has been really tolerant the last few months and Jake is becoming very gentle with him. He just likes to give him hugs and kisses and says "kitty kitty" all the time! Shadow will sit still for about 2 minutes, let Jake hug and pet and then Shadow is out of there.