Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Jacob sportin' his new PJ's

Jacob's new favorite thing is playing catch.

Jacob right after he caught the ball, he gets so excited!

Jake's "I'm sorry mama" face...

We went to Meeker's Day this weekend, here is Jacob wanting to get OFF the train... he ended up loving it once we start moving.

Jacob having a small tantrum because he wanted to get back ON the train after our ride - make up your mind!

Getting his first balloon animal

Getting his first face painting, a football (didn't really look like one, but hey, it was 50 cents)!

Stuffing a scone in his mouth (the BEST part, we love fair scones... don't ask how many calories are in one)!

Wearing daddy's hat with his football cheek, maybe he will be Quarterback someday like his daddy.

Father's Day morning I walked downstairs and saw Jake and Nate cuddling on the chair, it was the cutest picture! Jake got daddy a Father's Day balloon (and one for himself of course).

We went over to our friend Stefanie and Clint's house for Father's Day dinner, it was good food and good company. Thanks guys! Here is Jake giving daddy his card.

Jake and Kai giving each other hugs

Kai and Bronwyn watching cartoons

I love these boys! Happy Father's Day Nate, we love you!