Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Big "28"

My birthday was on Wednesday (yes, tax day) and I turned 28 years old. Most of you think this is still young, but in my eyes, it's just another year closer to 30! Yikes. It's amazing that Nathan and I have been out of high school for 10 years now. Jacob also turned 19 months old on the 15th... how time flies. I had an amazing birthday week, thank you to all my family and friends for celebrating with me and making it a truly memorable occasion. I love you guys!

My mom took the day off and went to Library Storytime with Jacob and I. She got to hang out with my mom's group all morning. Stefanie and Kai brought me a fabulously HUGE bouquet of balloons which was extremely popular with kids! And also brought me Starbucks (and a doughnut, yummy)! Thanks guys! And thanks CoreyAnn for buying me Starbucks the day before... and I am not a old fogey... yet!

Our next stop was swimming class, Jake loved having grandma there to watch him!

Jake is such a little fish, here he is getting dunked underwater.

We went to Seattle that evening to pick up Nathan from work and went to an Italian restaurant in the U-District. It was great food! Jacob did NOT want to cooperate with any pictures, but I posted them anyway. I look a bit wiped out from our long day too!

My grandparents from CG were up in Seattle for a few days visiting my grandpa's sister from Alaska, so we were able to take them over to the Cheesecake Factory Thursday night. It was wonderful seeing them!

On Saturday, we took advantage of the nice weather. We took Jacob to the park and had some fun in the sun!

I met up with Amy and Aidan for lunch at Red Robin

On Saturday evening, some of the girls and I went out to Chopstix, a Dueling Piano Bar in celebration of my birthday. We had a blast! Thanks girls for a great time and all the laughs.
Jess, Stef, Melissa, CoreyAnn & Sarah

Shannon, Erica, Melissa, Jess, Stefanie & Sarah

Erica & Shannon

At grandma's house on Sunday, having fun with painting (or just getting wet).

While Jacob's clothes dried, he decided to grab a blanket and curl up in the dog's bed.

Sitting on grandma's lap watching Tigger & Pooh

Nate and I spent some of the day rearranging our living room furniture making room for Jacob's new furniture (yes, he officially has MORE furniture than we do now). His new table and chair set - Tigger and Pooh of course. He LOVES it!! I will post more pictures of it soon, but he sat at it all night and put stuffed animals on it (Tigger and Pooh). It was pretty cute.