Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Jacob hanging out with the Easter Bunny!
He loved this bunny, too bad our mall picture didn't turn out like this (the one we PAID for)!! I think it was the basket full of candy the bunny was holding.

Kai, Stefanie, Jess and Jake
This Easter Egg Hunt was Jacob's first and he was ANXIOUS to get started! As you can see, we stuffed his mouth with candy to occupy him so he wouldn't run onto the basketball court to grab all the eggs (which were not really hidden for the 2 and under kids).

Erica, Mike and Kaile

Jacob had one egg in each hand and then he was done - that is all he wanted!


Stefanie and Kai

I LOVE this picture of Jacob. He really seems to be thinking of whether he wants to put his eggs in this Easter basket or not (which he didn't). He held onto them for the entire time of the hunt.

Jacob throwing a bit of a tantrum because we would not let him play in the mud puddles.

Going to Grandma's house on Saturday for Easter. Stefanie, Clint and Kai came over for dinner and spent the afternoon with us, we had a great time!

Having fun with grandma's window decorations!

WOW! Looking what the Easter Bunny brought Jacob!

Jacob with his favorite - Pooh DVD's.

Dying Easter Eggs

"Mom... this waiting is BORING!"

Kai is happy!

"Hmmm... what's this?!"

Grandma and Jake

Eating his first Peep

Kissing bunny

On Sunday, we drove down to Vancouver to visit family. We had a Easter egg hunt for Jacob and his 2nd cousin Preston, this time Jacob really got into it and understood the concept!

"Thanks Preston, I'll just take your Easter basket too!"

My cousin TJ, Karen and Preston

Some of my dad's side of the family. We try to get together in April since most of our families birthdays fall in the month of April (yes, I will be the BIG "28" soon... yikes)!

Jacob jammin' on the piano with daddy.

Jacob having fun with his Easter basket.
Thank you everyone for helping make this a wonderful Easter! We all had a great weekend and made some unforgettable memories. Happy Easter!