Monday, September 1, 2008

Anniversary, Seahawk Game and Jenson Visit

Nathan and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary on Wednesday, we can't believe how fast 2 years have gone, feels like our wedding was only a few months ago. We look back on our wedding day with such happiness and fond memories. It was the perfect day, we wouldn't change a thing. For our anniversary, Nate surprised me with an I-Phone! I am learning how to use it today, it's fun and has so many awesome functions, hopefully I will utilize all of it's capabilities. I was able to purchase Seahawk vs. Patriots football tickets for Nate (he has to wait until December).

I was looking at some of our photos from our wedding and wanted to share. I love you Nathan, I am proud and happy to be your wife, happy anniversary!

Nathan received awesome Seahawk tickets for Friday night against the Raiders from his company. We had club level seats (which were nicely padded chairs) so I was happy, and we were able to park in the $40 lot for free, so not a lot of walking (refer back to the Mariners story). It was my first Seahawk game, although Nate has been to several games. Let me say, it's a LOUD stadium, known for it's noise levels and the highest amount of false starts.

A few pictures taken of Jacob in the last couple of days:

Joel, Sara, Taylor and Trista came up for a visit this weekend. We had fun playing tourists and rode the ducks in Seattle, we have always wanted to do this. It's a 60 minute tour through the city and a 30 minute tour out on Lake Union... yes, this vehicle can float (or Sara and I were hopeful it would float). But we learned a lot of facts about Seattle... like there are 417 Starbucks in the city! And we have the 2nd busiest Starbucks in the United States (Times Square is the first).

Out on Lake Union in Seattle. We get quackers, so everyone can make lots of noise. Although Jacob couldn't blow hard enough to make noise, he loved his quacker (and yes, we are still Beavers at heart).

Jacob's first Merry-Go-Round Ride at the Seattle Center Space Needle.

Sara and Taylor riding the roller coaster, Taylor loved it, she couldn't stop smiling!

One of many kisses between Jacob and Taylor... uh-oh Joel...

We went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner - here is a goofy picture of Jake, but it shows off all his teeth.

Getting ready to go swimming

First time swimming in a pool - Jacob had a great time!

Taylor and Trista - such great swimmers!

Taylor jumping into the pool

Saying goodbye - I wish we had a better picture of this. Lots of hugs and kisses were shared. Jacob loved having the girls around to play with! Thank you Jenson Family for coming up for a visit, it was a lot of fun seeing you guys.

Taylor & Trista,
Thanx for the burfday przent, I luv playng wif the tractorz!
Come up and vizit anytyme.
Luv You,