Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1 Year Checkup

Jacob had his one year checkup yesterday. Everything is good, he is weighing in at 21 pounds, 9 ounces which is in the 30th percentile and he is 29 inches tall. The doctor said his teeth are coming in an unusual pattern, he now has 5 top teeth (including a molar) and only 2 bottom teeth - leave it to Jacob to be different! We are done with formula and he is happily drinking Organic 1% milk, Organic apple juice and water. I am trying to introduce new foods to him everyday, he is loving bananas, peaches and french toast! He is using a fork and spoon well, and loves to play in his food. Jake is walking everywhere and no longer crawling, it's the cutest thing to watch him walk across the room, it just puts a smile on your face. He is still saying the same words, ma-ma, da-da, ba-ba, and today he was saying pa-pa. He points to everything and says "ohhhh" and he shares everything he picks up (then wants it back). He shakes his head when you tell him no (although he doesn't stop doing it). Jake is becoming a very organized toddler, he will transport his toys in a bucket from one end of the room to the other end, place them accordingly, then pack them up and continue to do this. Gee, wonder where he gets this from?!? He does not like it when I stack his blocks or shapes or put his small toys inside of his bucket, he will take them all out just to redo it himself. What a character!

Last Saturday night, Nathan and I went to So You Think You Can Dance concert at the Tacoma Dome. It was a lot of fun, we watched this season and really enjoyed the top 10 finalists. They put on great performances, everything from hip-hop to ballroom to contemporary dance. It's truly amazing to have the ability to dance like that!
Happy Birthday Mom!
We Love You Lots!


Anonymous said...

For those of you who weren't lucky enough to know Jessica as a toddler.... she was the only 1-2 year old that I knew that displayed her stuffed animals by size and color. Her crayons were always in perfect lines by color and size. Gee, wonder where Jake gets that? Love you both more than I can tell you !! Mom / Nana