Monday, August 4, 2008


Jacob started using his toy walker last week, he LOVES this car! He plays with it all day, it does so many neat things (where were all these cool toys when I was little)? Here is a short video of him (turn up your volume).

Libby and Joe came up this weekend for a visit, so we had a little get together Saturday night. Amy, Brian and Aidan came over for dinner, Jake was so excited to see Aidan (poor Aidan got his hair pulled a few times by Jake).

Jake explaining how the gate works... "you can't get to mommy working in the kitchen when this thing is shut."

Aidan trying out Joe's new backpack from REI

Aidan bought Jacob a new toy. Thanks Aidan!

Sunday morning breakfast at the Oehling's, Aidan and Jake playing us some tunes.

Jacob had his first city bus ride. Jacob and Nate sat at the bendy part of the bus, so at every turn, Jake went for a ride. It was so cute! He couldn't understand why he suddenly got very far away from mommy.

We parked at the Space Needle and rode the bus to Lake Washington to Seafair. Seafair is month long festival including: parades, marathons, Fleet Week, airplanes, boat races, food, music and much more. Traffic is horrible for a month, but it's a fun tradition in Seattle.

Watching the Blue Angels, they were amazing! It's facinating that these pilots can fly 11 inches apart from each other and up to 700 mph! And the best part is, the transport plane for the Blue Angels is operated and flown by Marines!

Brian and Amy's niece and nephew, Neiko and Malia. They were so great with Aidan and Jacob, playing with them and keeping an eye on them. Thanks for hanging out with us!

Jacob cooling his gums with an ice cold water bottle (entertained him for an hour). His 6th tooth broke through this weekend.

The Hydroplane Races were awesome, the fastest motorboats in the world! I am not sure what I would chose if I could drive these boats or fly a Blue Angel plane... hmmm... which ever one it is, I am sure I would be puking my guts out!

There were many airshows between the boat races, these stunt planes do some crazy maneuvers. The announcer would talk to the pilots while they were in the air, it was hard to imagine they could have a lucid conversation while performing stunts.

Here is the United States Marine Corp AV-8b Harrier Jet (a favorite of Nate's of course), it hovered for a minute or longer right above us (felt like 5 minutes). The sound was so incredibly loud, my ears even hurt for an hour afterward. Jacob did great though, he allowed me to cover his ears and he stayed calm cuddled up next to me.

The boys in their carriers

The Oehling Family

I thought this picture was cute, Brian and Malia walking the boys in their strollers at Seattle Center. If you look close, Aidan and Jacob are watching each other, probably wondering why their strollers are identical.

Neiko and Malia playing up on a sculpture.

Jacob playing around with his new favorite toy - thank goodness there is a low sound button or I would go insane!

Jacob is climbing the stairs so quickly, faster than I can walk up them. The other night, Nate ran upstairs to start Jake's bath water, so I undressed Jacob and he headed upstairs. He stopped about half way and looked back at me as if he was saying "come on mom, it's bathtime!" But of course, I was busy taking some cute butt shots, so he posed for me. What a cutie!