Monday, August 11, 2008

First Game, First Jungle, First Ferry Ride

We had a fun filled weekend packed full of first time experiences for Jacob! On Friday evening, we took him to his first Mariner's Baseball Game, he had a great time and was really good. But let me start off with a story...

Every year, Walsh Construction buys out a few sections at a Mariner's game for all employees and family to attend but are in the nose-bleed sections (as you can see from the picture, we were second to the last row). But we receive gift cards to spend on food or merchandise and we get to visit with Nate's co-workers, so it's fun! Let me describe my experience last year... I was 8 1/2 months pregnant (I know, not the smartest idea). We park our car at our usual spot (I refuse to pay big bucks for parking, so we park far away for only $10 when we go to the games) and we walk 2 miles to the base of the stadium, usually the walk is no problem, but being as large as a house, I'm exhausted by this point. Nathan told me the seats are at the very tip-top, but I'm not worried... they must have elevators or something. Oh my, that was the wrong thought. The elevators we attempted to take up to the 3rd floor balcony were for employees only (we even tried to sneak in and were briskly escorted out) so we had no choice but to climb the stairs, as Nate pointed out to me. I can't even explain how much energy this took out of me, after stopping several times, we finally made it to our section. Then I realize, we have to climb more stairs, because our seats are located in one of the last rows! And I won't even go into the bathroom trips that were needed during the game or the walk back to the car.

This year, I am prepared for the climb, even with Jacob with us. I warn my mom, who came to the game with us, to wear her comfortable shoes and get ready! We decide to have dinner at The Pyramid Alehouse across from the stadium where some of Nate's co-workers are meeting up, so we park close ($25 dollars to park on the 5th floor of a parking garage, but we did get a $2 discount for carpooling. Oh gee, thanks). After dinner, we walk over to the stadium, walk up a short flight of stairs and guess what we are staring at?!?! ESCALATORS. And I'm not kidding, they take you up to the very tip-top, 3rd floor balcony. Nate asks a security guard, "have these always been here?" and we get a very odd look back, "yes" is his response. I thought I was going to faint, and gave Nate the wife look (you know the one). After the game, we find an elevator that ANYONE can use, and guess what? There is a very nice lady sitting inside on a plush chair pushing elevator buttons for you. And to our amazement, she takes us straight to the sky bridge that takes us right to the 5th floor parking garage where our car is conveniently waiting for us! Okay, can you see my frustration????

Okay, enough complaining, but for all you out there with future cheap seats, there are existing elevators and escalators for your use. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Jacob experiencing his first home run! He clapped everytime applause erupted around us, he thought it was so funny! He did fall asleep in grandma's arms during 7th inning stretch, so he missed Take Me Out To The Ball Game - maybe next time.

On Saturday, we went to a local bakery and ordered Jacob's first birthday cake. Can you believe he is going to be 1 next month? Not only did we order an awesome cake, but we got a seperate "smash" cake as they call it for Jake. Can't wait!

We took Jacob to the Rainforest Cafe for the first time. I have heard that some kids get scared with all the noises, lights and moving animals, but Jake did terrific! We sat next to a waterfall that was really loud, so Jake took advantage of it and voiced his excitement very loudly.

Looking at all the fish tanks at The Rainforest Cafe

By the gorillas, every 15 minutes or so, the gorillas would put on a little show for the kids.

On Sunday morning, Nate, Jacob, my mom, Darel and I took a ferry from Seattle over to Bainbridge Island to spend the day exploring. What a great island, it's beautiful! And it's only 35 minutes away from the city, so it makes a quick and easy day trip.

Jacob on his first ferry ride

We are big food network fans, and some shows come to Seattle to explore and visit different restaurants. On Giada's Weekend Getaways, she visits Bainbridge Island during her Seattle visit and eats at Cafe Nola, so we had to eat there. Giada orders the Caramel Pecan French Toast which looks incredible, and now my mom and I can say it tastes incredible! The best french toast we have ever had. Here is a picture of Jacob at the Cafe, we sat outside on the patio and had a great time.

Jacob in his first swing, he loved it when daddy pushed him high!

We made a stop at the Marina, Nate and Jacob playing around with the camera while we got something to drink - what cuties!

Jacob needed to take a nap, so we drove around the neighborhoods exploring. There are so many breathtaking homes! Above is a picture of the roads to people's homes, most of the streets looked like this, green was everywhere. I finally had Nate stop and let me take a picture, I would love to drive home everyday looking at this. Below is a picture of the view, it's incredible! Most everyone on the island has a beautiful view of Seattle. Can you imagine looking out your window at this? Maybe we will retire here (hey, I can wish).

Coming home on the ferry. Jacob did a GREAT job all weekend, so many firsts for him and he didn't fuss once, he loved every minute of it. We are happy to live close to a big city and take advantage of all it has to offer.