Monday, June 9, 2008

Trip to Oregon

My mom, Jacob and I went to Oregon for a few days to visit some family and friends. We decided to stay at the Hilton in Eugene since we were running around all weekend and it's easier to baby proof a hotel room rather than someones home. Here is Jacob the first night, he was giving himself kisses on the mirror and laughing. Friday night, our friends Matt and Sara came to visit us and Jacob just LOVED Matt, he must have kissed Matt at least 3 dozen times. (Jacob is really into kissing, sometimes closed mouth... but slips you the tongue every once in awhile). We brought Jake down to the empty ballroom area in the hotel and let him crawl and go crazy and there was nothing he could get into! Poor little guy, sat in his car seat for 6 hours that day, so he had some energy to get rid of.

Saturday morning, we headed down to my hometown of Cottage Grove. We had lots of family visiting for my cousin AJ's graduation - Congrats!!! AJ is the last of 7 cousins to graduate high school (I'm getting OLD)! I haven't been to CG for so long, it was very strange to be back there again, it was the same but so different. We had literally gotten off the exit for CG and about 30 seconds later, we see a guy driving a tractor down the road! I look at my mom and declare that we are no longer in Seattle anymore...

My cousin TJ and Jacob

My dad and Jacob

I always get comments that there are no pictures of me on our blog, so here you go...

After a great visit with family, we headed down to Drain to our friend Cary's graduation from OSU. GO BEAVS! Congrats Cary, we are so proud of you!!! Here is Cary at bat during a friendly game of softball... more like a drunken game of softball. It was a fun party and we got to see lots of friendly faces, it was great to catch up with everyone. Good job planning the party Melissa!

Jacob with Lindsay while we watch the game. Jacob did so well, he was extremely tired that day. He woke up early that morning in the hotel at 7:30 (he usually sleeps in until 10:00) because he heard grandma's voice and was so excited she was there, he wouldn't go back to sleep.

Jacob relaxing in the hotel room Sunday morning watching cartoons. What a cutie! Afterward, we went and visited grandpa at work and saw Jacob's great-grandma Abby.

When we got home on Sunday, we decided to splurge and get blizzards and good ole' grandma decides to give Jacob a taste (notice I did not say old). Of course, Jake LOVED this and demanded more before he even swallowed his last little taste. We tried putting him on the floor but he cried, so we finally had to hide the blizzard cup and pretend it was all gone, he got over it... eventually.

It was a great, busy trip and it was wonderful seeing everyone! Thanks for making the trip with me mom! Jacob and I get to go to the airport in a few hours to pick up Nathan, I'll post pictures of his trip soon.


Julia said...

you're so precious little jacob! yum yum!