Monday, May 5, 2008

Toys, Gates, Sleepover and Movie(s)

My mom and I went to Babies R Us on Sunday (aka Baby Costco, because you know you are not leaving that place until you spend at least $100)! Jacob got a few new toys, he loves this one, it sings fun songs and lights up. He even wiggles around a little at the tunes, and he is fascinated the big orange button.

I am thinking baby gate season is upon us... I caught Jacob trying to climb stairs today.

Jacob got to sleepover at grandma's house this weekend, he had a great time! So, Nate and I decided to go to the movies, I wanted to see Made Of Honor (I know, chick flick, but it's McDreamy) and he wanted to see 88 Minutes. I caved and we went to see a 7:00 PM showing of 88 Minutes... afterward, Nate felt so bad because we spent 88+ minutes of our time at - let's say - a mediocre movie. He made it up to me by purchasing tickets to see at 10:20 PM showing of Made Of Honor! The reason I reiterated PM is most of you that know Nathan, understand this is LATE! I actually was able to have a conversation with my husband past midnight... what a wonderful date night!


Julia said...

that first picture is like- can i help you with something? i'm playing with my multi-activity toy, buzz off!