Monday, May 19, 2008

Growing Up!

Jacob is growing up so quickly! He is very mobile and getting into everything! Toys no longer occupy his day (and let me say, we have gotten some cool toys lately, they even entertain Nate and I) but stairs, cords, cat food, the garbage can, the couch, the DVD player, the kitchen table chairs and much more entertain him now. My day consists of following him around; he can crawl from one side of the house to the other in a few seconds and grab items quicker than I can blink. As you can see, we put a baby gate going downstairs, we have yet to put a gate going upstairs, but it's coming soon.

Wow, there is a blue sky out here... no more snow or rain!

Hmmm... what is this green stuff? Can I eat it?


After the attack

Jacob has now learned to climb stairs. We got home late one night from a BBQ and Jake was very tired! As soon as we got home, we put him on the floor of the living room and before we knew it, he was heading up the stairs for bath time. He made it half way up (of course, I was behind him ready to catch if needed, so no need to cringe grandma). Here is a picture of where he ended up, he was so tired and unable to go further. He actually put his head on one of the stairs to go to sleep - it was adorable.

Jacob loves to wear hats, he has his own and actually leaves it on when we go outside - but I think he likes his daddy's better.