Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I was attempting to find pictures of Nathan in his dress blues in honor of Memorial Day, unfortunately, most of those pictures are printed out and not on our computer. These pictures are from the Marine Corp Ball in 2003, Nathan's company was just getting ready to deploy for the second time to Iraq a few weeks later. The first picture, Nate is kneeling down on the left; the next picture, he is the second from the left.

I love you Nathan, we are all very proud that you have served our country. Semper Fi.

Jerrod, Maggie and the girls came to visit us this weekend. Nate is remodeling our guest bathroom (aka - his bathroom) so Jerrod came to provide his expertise in tiling. Thank you Jerrod for all your hard work, we appreciate it very much!

While the girls were lounging on the couch, Jacob would crawl over to them, stand up next to the couch and hold their hands. Most of the time, he would try to chew on their fingers (his second tooth has now popped through).

Thanks for coming up here guys, it was great seeing you and it was wonderful cuddling with the girls, they are beautiful!


laurelgrace00 said...

Great pictures! I enjoyed the pictures of Nate in his uniform, please give him our thanks for serving us! The kids are getting so big. Maggie and Jerrod seem happy as well. Take care!

laurelgrace00 said...
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Julia said...

don't look so awkward with the ladies jacob! you'll be a ladies man soon enough! :)