Saturday, March 1, 2008

Go Beavs!

I am staying up late with Nate this evening (yes, I know... Nate usually never stays up past 10pm) but we are working on upgrading a few things in our kitchen this weekend. I'm so excited! I will have to post pictures when it's finished. We are just getting new countertops, backsplash and pergo floors. Nate is staying up to finish laying the tile, so we can grout tomorrow... fun, fun, fun! Thanks to mom and Darel for the help today, and for helping with the cost of some of this stuff - thank goodness we have a small kitchen. So, here are some new pictures taken yesterday and today.

Jacob's new favorite outfit, GO BEAVS! Thanks for the gift Jackie!
Jacob: The future Beaver Football Quarterback
Can you tell we are OSU Alumni?!?
Jacob had his first sippie-cup experience today. Yummy apple juice!

I took this picture after bathtime this evening... he loves being wrapped up in his towel. Jake enjoys bathtime, he can't wait for the tub each night. He got to take a bath in the big tub this evening - since our kitchen is out of commission.

Giving daddy some loves!


Anonymous said...

jeez I can't believe how much he has grown! He is looking more and more like Nate everyday! I miss you guys and hope we can all get together soon! love maggie

Heather said...

Of course I remember you, I pretended to be you a couple times remember! (you had told me I could use your name when I was calling people that I knew ) It's funny that I have bumped into Libby a couple of times in the past month after not seeing her for so long. Your little family is so cute. Your son looks just like you!