Thursday, February 7, 2008

Some New Pictures

Okay, close your eyes grandma and grandpa's... I know, my heart jumps a little everytime Nate does this!

But it's Jacob's new thing to love! Only when he is airborne, he lets out a loud giggle, he absolutely gets a kick out of this and it's a workout for Nate. If Jake could talk, he would say "Again, Again, Again Daddy"

Jacob also loves to bounce and bounce and bounce - he will stay in this toy for hours! Thank you to Amy and Jared for the borrow! It's been wonderful and entertaining to watch Jacob have such a great time.

Oops... another naked picture, how did that get in there?!?
Promise to Jacob: When you have your first girlfriend, I will delete all naked photos off the blog... maybe I'll just frame them in the living room instead.

Jacob and Mommy after bath

After Jake's morning nap, I take him upstairs to get dressed for the day, then he gets put in his crib to hang out while I get ready and get some stuff done around the house. Jake LOVES this, I will put on some music and he will talk, talk, talk, he likes to kick the bumper - as you can see.

I can hardly keep socks on Jacob anymore, all he wants is his toes!

Can sit up for about 10 seconds... getting better each day.