Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fair and Pumpkin Patch


We took Jake to the Puyallup Fair during the last weekend, he had a good time on the rides and rode a pony for the first time.

Picture 472


Picture 507 Picture 527

Picture 569


I love this photo (we took a few) but we have Jake at this cut out pumpkin every year.  I still remember taking him when he was 2 months old!  This year was exciting because Jake is old enough to participate in the activities at the farm.




  Picture 544Riding the mini-tractor

Picture 539

Drove the tractor into the ground… oops!

 Picture 546Picture 560


CoreyAnn, Stefanie and Jess




Picture 564 Jake’s Cow (he says Moooo Cow) was named “Bossy” – perfect!

Picture 555

Picture 571Picture 625 





Jacob LOVING all the animals, he had fun petting them (and kissing).


 Picture 579

    Another pony ride!

Picture 574

             Picture 591 Picture 593

Nate, Jake, Clint and Kai having fun on the bouncy!

Picture 600

Picture 608Picture 611 








Jacob throwing a 2 year old tantrum – yeah, that was fun!

Picture 613

Kai and Jake going down the tube slide, Jake caught some air.

Picture 619

Hay Ride

Picture 620

Jake smackin’ on Bronwyn! 

Picture 633








Picture 640








Picture 666


Not the best picture of Jake this year (we were at the pumpkin patch for 3 hours and he was ready to go)!  But here is a picture of him when he was just over a month old and at 2 years.