Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Jacob

Our little boy turned 2 years old on September 15th – can you believe it?  We can’t, it’s absolutely amazing how fast the time has gone and how incredible the last 2 years have been.  Jake is such a joy to be around each and everyday, we love him more than words can say and we are so lucky to have him in our lives.  Mommy and Daddy love you munchkin!

On Jake’s actual birthday, we took him to St. Clouds restaurant in Seattle.  This is our second visit there, we took Jake last year on his birthday as well, and hopefully we will continue the tradition. Here are some pictures of the evening:

  Picture 364 Picture 366

   Picture 376 Picture 378

Picture 392 Picture 386

Picture 390 

During the weekend, we had a party for Jacob and his friends at the Little Gym.  Jake had such a great time, he was laughing and smiling the entire time.  Thank you mom, Darel, Abby, Rod, Great-Great Aunt Dottie, Chris, Maggie, Whitney, Kennedy, Stefanie, Clint, Kai, CoreyAnn, Bronwyn, Camille, Sam, Thomas, Kelsey, Grant, Gavin, Jackson, Kendall, Jodi, Tabitha, Brian, Amy, Aidan, Melissa, Abby, Lucy, Grace, Gabby, Laney, Sarah, Joey, Stella and Kathy for making Jacob’s party so special.  We love you all.

 Picture 100 Picture 106

We bought this standup Tigger for Jake (it’s his favorite character) and he LOVED it.  We are putting it up in his bedroom, he probably won’t sleep all night and will stay up talking to Tigger. 

Jacob Hoop 

Kai Hoop

The kids playing with hoops.  The Little Gym is full of different sport activities, the balance beam (a favorite of Jake’s) the rings, the bars and several jumping mats.


        Picture 103  Picture 144

Kai on the rings and Aidan on the bars, what pros!

Picture 114   

Picture 113Whitney and Kennedy having fun!

Picture 112

Picture 119

The employees at The Little Gym were wonderful, they kept over a dozen 2 year olds entertained for 90 minutes… hard to do!

Parachute Everyone

Picture 135

       Picture 120 Picture 150

          Jake getting his jump on.        Aidan and Gabby chatting.

Picture 147

      Jake learning how to do a summersault.

Picture 155








                                                            Joey, Whitney and Aidan

Picture 157

Picture 158 Abby and Jake gettin’ some sugar!

Picture 163

Picture 166

The bouncy was a huge hit among the kiddos… especially Jake.

Picture 167

        Picture 172 Picture 194

Picture 178 Pooh and Tigger Cake from Celebrity Cakes


Picture 187

Blowing Candle









Eating Cake2







Picture 189








After the party, a few of us went over to grandma’s house to open some presents.

         Picture 202 Picture 208

Picture 209







Picture 214

Picture 216







Picture 224

Picture 229  Picture 236

Picture 242







Picture 250 Picture 254

 Picture 406Picture 400



Our neighbors Ryan and Jen brought over a gift for Jacob, he loves it – thank you!