Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jacob Update

It's been awhile since I've posted an update, so here are lots of pictures for all you grandma and grandpa's out there!

Jacob giving grandma her Mother's Day card that he decorated inside with crayons. We have been working with crayons and markers (washable of course)!

Jacob giving mommy her presents, a much needed massage gift certificate!

We had a great Mother's Day weekend, we went out to dinner with grandma and Darel Saturday night on the waterfront. Here is Jake and daddy taking a walk afterward, with one of Jacob's prized possessions - a balloon (which is a favorite word of his). He is also saying "Hot" and "Cold" all the time and "Please."

On Sunday, we went over to Stefanie and Clint's house for a fantastic dinner with some friends and their family.

Kai and Jake playing the drums and symbols very LOUDLY!

Jacob picked out this Handy Manny patio set for Kai's 2nd birthday last month. They are just chillin' in the living room.

Daddy and Jake cuddling with Kai's dog, Lady.

Every once in awhile, we will pick up Nate from work in Seattle and go out for dinner, we found a cute little pizza joint in the Wallingford neighborhood.

We went to Thomas' 2nd birthday party at Sunset Park a few weeks ago. Jake had an awesome time and it was beautiful weather!

Jacob is now saying "cheese" when I take pictures of him.

Jake & Kai having a good time at the park.

"I think I'm just going to take a rest, it's a lot of work running around!" They are so cute together!

The Seattle weather has been incredible the last few weekends, so we have been meeting lots of friends at the park and having lots of fun. Not to mention, it wears Jacob out and he takes 3-4 hour naps afterward...

Jacob and Bronwyn

Little B with her beautiful brown eyes

Bronwyn was loving this spinning toy, Jacob just wanted to climb in and out of it and try to push it around and around.

Jacob learning how to drive (help us all)!

We had special visitors this past weekend, Nate's sister Maggie and Jerrod came down for the long weekend with the twin girls from Astoria. It was so good to see them! Jerrod was able to help Nate with remodeling our bathroom - thank you! I can't wait for it to be done!

Whitney Claire

Kennedy Paige

Kennedy is walking now! She takes about 4 or so steps, it's so cute to watch. I miss that stage! I went back in our blog a few days ago and watched the video I posted of Jake's first steps and it was amazing to see again. Now he runs everywhere!

Having a picnic, or the girls were - Jacob only sat still enough to eat a few chips and drink, then he was off and running.



Jacob's new playhouse!
We had a BBQ last night at my mom's house and invited some friends over to celebrate Memorial Day. Thanks CoreyAnn, Bronwyn, Stefanie, Clint, Kai, Mom, Darel, Nate, and Jake!

Jake and B

There is a working porch light on the playhouse, which entertains Jacob for quite awhile...

Kai says "hand" and they hold hands for a bit...

Jacob always plays in grandma's fountain, washing the rocks.