Monday, May 4, 2009

Great-Grandma Abby's Visit

Great-Grandma Abby came up for a visit for a couple of days this past week, it was so good to see her! It's been several months since she has seen Jacob, so it was fun to hang out and Jake got to show her all his toys, books, and cool things he can do! We had a great time; thank you for making the trip up here on the train Abby! We love you oodles and gobs!

On Thursday, Jacob still wasn't feeling too well... here he is chillin' watching Pooh.

While my mom and I went to pick up Abby at the train station, Jacob actually fell asleep on Nate (which is a first for daddy)! Nate was pretty proud of this moment.

On Saturday, we went to the Seattle Aquarium with our friends CoreyAnn and Bronwyn (thanks again guys). I am not sure how much Jake really enjoyed it, he was okay at first, interested in the first few exhibits. Then we went and had lunch in the cafeteria and he had a good lunch! But going into the underground tunnels, he started to go into his first temper tantrum. We have not experienced this with Jacob (and he is 19 1/2 months old) so let me tell you, it was a very frustrating time. But we got through it and as soon as we left and set foot outdoors, HE WAS FINE! What in the world?!? Who knows what was wrong, claustrophobic, too stuffy, hates fish? Can we ever watch Finding Nemo again? Needless to say, he was fine the rest of the day. Hopefully the Seattle Aquarium will let us back in eventually...

Jacob having fun at the wave pool.

Touching different sea animals (or just playing in the water).

Jacob and Bronwyn playing with the felt wall, they were so cute sharing!

Practicing on stairs.

Jacob's first DQ ice cream cone (all by himself).

We let him hold it the whole time and kept putting more vanilla ice cream on top of the cone when it would run low.

Towards the end of the cone's life, he would stick his fingers through the paper and thought it was hilarious that the ice cream would ooze out of the bottom.

I love this picture!

On Sunday, we took a trip out to Watson's Nursery to buy grandma some more flowers for her backyard. Those of you that know my mom, know she is addicted to her flowers and she has to be cut off at a certain point (my wedding BBQ for instance)! Here is Jacob hanging out on a chair at Watson's chewing on a dirty instruction thing you get from a flower pot... what a boy!

Helping grandma plant some flowers - or just making a mess!

Here is actually what keeps Jacob busy - taking all the rocks from the fountain and transferring them to the watering can. Then saying "uh-oh" all the time.

Giving Maddy kisses! Jacob has been cuddling with the dog and with our cat lately (our poor kitty). But our cat has actually allowed him to do this, for a few minutes at a time. Jacob will wrap his arms around him and lay his head on the cat's head for a minute or two. It's pretty adorable.

Jacob's new word - "PLEASE" It's so cute. It comes out more like "Peaz" But everytime he wants something... "Can I peaz have some of your ice cream Abby?"


What a cutie!!!


laurelgrace00 said...

You are so funny, a was laughing out loud about the tramatic aquarium experience, with the whole temper-tantrum.
Miss you guys!

Julia said...

He is getting so big. He is such a doll Jessica. Doesn't time fly when you have kids. you wish that they could stay this age forever. He is so darling Jess.