Thursday, January 22, 2009


Nate and I had a date night last weekend with some friends, Brian and Amy, it was a lot of fun! Thanks mom for watching Jacob!

Amy, Brian and Aidan got Jacob this fun toy, you match the different farm animals in the red barn and it sings fun songs. Jacob loves it! You can even mis-match the animals and it will start singing "you made a cow-pig or a horse-chicken" Jacob will laugh, but will feel pretty proud of himself when it sings "you made a match, look at what you did!" He carries the red barn around by the handle all day long - thanks guys!

Jacob is getting really good at playing ball, we have been practicing a lot, he even says ball. Also, thank you to Molly, Jeremy and Baby Hollis for Jacob's t-shirt, a gift from them while they were visiting from Hawaii.

On Tuesday, like most others, Jacob and I watched the Inauguration all day. He was so cute, I have several pictures of Jacob sitting in his pooh chair watching Obama give his speech and pictures of Jacob standing at the television just watching all the excitement! It was a very inspiring day for our family and we are proud to be Americans!

Since Christmas, Jacob has been playing with all his new toys, so his books haven't been noticed too much by him lately. Until now... this week, Jacob is all about his books! I have read each and every one of these books to him this week.


Brittanie said...

Oh I love the pictures with all his books out!Such a cutie! Ramsey STILL does that.. he says he is "working" lol!

cameron said...

hey sweet! you guys look great! especially jacob! ha! love you guys tons. cam