Sunday, November 23, 2008

Playdates and First Haircut

Last weekend, Jacob, Nathan and I went to Pike Place to walk the Market, it's a great place to shop. Vendors are there everyday, all year long, and Jacob was entertained by all the people and would dance to the music. Nate was telling me the street musicians have to audition for a spot at Pike Place, they can't just pick a place and start playing, so most of them are really good and really fun to watch.

Jacob meeting Rachel the Pig, who is the mascot of Pike Place Market. It's good luck to rub the 550 pound pig's snout!

Jacob having a very good time with spaghetti the other night (one of his favorite foods).

All done!

Jacob had 2 playdates with Aidan last week, we met Aidan and Amy at a play center one day and Aidan came over and played for a couple of hours. Jacob had a lot of fun!
I have joined a local stay at home mom's group that have kids Jacob's age, and we had our first playdate last week. Jacob had a good time and we will continue to do activities so Jacob can have more interaction with kids his age (and not be stuck with me all the time)!

Reading books on the couch.

Jacob had his first haircut on Saturday. He doesn't have a lot of hair, but he had a mullet going on, so he had to get rid of it! He did pretty good, although he didn't really like the cape over him, which makes sense since he hated being swaddled as a baby. So, once he was able to sit on my lap and just lay his head on my chest he was just fine and enjoyed it. He looks so adorable with his little boy haircut!

Thanks Karen!

As I mentioned before, Jacob reads (well, looks at pictures) a lot, even more than playing with this toys.