Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Here are some pictures of the last few weeks:

I took Jacob outside into our driveway a few days ago to try and teach him to ride his tricycle, but he was more interested in playing with all the leaves!

This is Jacob's favorite toy, his karaoke machine (great buy, not too annoying for parents and it entertains Jacob for a long time). Sometimes, he sits in front of it, gets his nose pressed up to the mirror, and talks to himself and makes funny faces. It is adorable! I try to caputure it on camera, but he always catches me! So, here are a few pictures of him seeing me trying to take pictures of him or of Nate taking video of him. It's just so cute!

We have been practicing eating meals off of plates and Jacob has been doing great. He only picks up the plate when it is empty or he is done. He is been eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Some of his favorite foods so far are apples, pears, bananas, lime jello, and crackers. We have been trying to give him as much Organic products as we can.

Sitting at his little table reading like a big boy! Most of you know, but Jacob LOVES LOVES LOVES to read books, he does this all day long. He takes after his mommy on this. He has about 20 books in his toy chest that he reads everyday. If Jacob is quiet for a bit, we know he is sitting somewhere, flipping through the pages of one of his books. Then he will drag a book or two over to you, hand them up and want to sit on your lap so you can read to him while HE turns the pages (don't you think you can turn the pages, it's his job, just a heads up). Jacob even pulls his books out first from the toy box before his toys...

We had a playdate with Aidan on Sunday at a play yard at the mall. Jacob had a good time playing at the children's play area, although there were a lot of kids there!


Figured it was time for some bath pictures!!!!
Practicing toothbrushing, Jacob has 10 teeth now.

Chewing on ducky