Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July!
We had a great 4th, we went down to the waterfront to a festival and to watch fireworks. Jacob did wonderful, he just sat and watched all the lights in the sky (or boom-a-lights as Nate called them as a child) he didn't cry or fuss at all. Holidays are even more special now that we get to experience them with our son.
Here are some pictures from the night:

Jacob hanging out with grandma waiting for the fireworks (can you see his bottom 2 teeth)?

Jacob loves to observe his surroundings... when is the age when it's rude to stare?

Jacob has been working on standing, it's incredible to watch! Just this last week, he is balancing well and holding his stance while drinking out of his sippie cup or chewing on a toy. I tend to get teary eyed when he does this, he is growing up so fast and it's fascinating to watch him. I am usually not one to get emotional and cry, but now I find myself getting choked up when Jake's first tooth appeared, when he started walking holding onto furniture and now... standing. Oh my goodness, what am I going to do when he learns his multiplication tables or paints his first picture, I am going to be a wreck! Guess motherhood turns you into a sap!

Jacob will go from sitting on his knees to standing, after a bit, he will either fall right down on his butt or sometimes he will lower himself slowly to the ground.

Another curiosity photo - always wanting to know what is going on around him. This was watching a police officer on a motorcycle pulling someone over.

Jake's new toy box! (Courtesy of Grandma) It's great, the lid stays open so Jacob can get his toys in and out and it keeps the house organized (I am a bit of an organizing fanatic, if you didn't already know).

He is really into books, he will take looking at a book over any toy. Loves to turn the pages and have us read to him.

Over the last week, Jacob REFUSES to get diaper changes or clothing changes. He used to be great about this, no problem, no fuss, no rolling over. Now, it takes at least 2 people (which will be a problem during the day for me) or at least 10 minutes of my time for a changing. I am hoping this phase is short lived. So, here he is running around naked yesterday morning. Notice the strategically placed diaper (he gets camera shy).

Finally, the diaper is on... now if I could just get him dressed!

When Nate got home from work the other day, I ran over to the grocery store and asked Nathan to feed Jacob while I was gone. Nate said during the feeding, Jake got so tired he could not hold his eyes open any longer and fell asleep right in his high chair! He has never done this before, Jacob is very picky about where he sleeps. Unfortunately, he is not the type to just crash on the floor or his crib because he is worn out, he needs to be rocked or needs someone to lay down next to him.

Nate was able to move him from the high chair to the rocking chair, but was unable to clean off the broccoli, carrots and cheese baby food. Too cute!


Julia said...

Is Jacob happy all of the time? He really seems like the perfect baby. I love the bottom pictures of him taking a snooze. So precious.
To answer your swimming question: I started both of the girls around a year in swim lessons. Ava is a dare devil and took right to the water where Sophia took a while. I see a lot of people here with their babies in the pool. There are a lot of baby swim classes offered that you and Jacob should do. It is a fun way to get out and to meet other moms with the same age kids. I think the younger you get them swimming the better. They really build a fear up around 2 or 3 if they aren't used to it. We are really lucky to have the pool because we would go crazy in our condo during the high heat when you can't go anywhere. So, thank heavens for that pool or the girls would be climbing the walls.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful 4th of July. Jake is the little light of my life, just as his mommy has always continued to be. I am a very lucky Mom and Grandma... and mother-in-law !!