Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Fever

Well, it took 10 months before our first fever... Poor Jacob is not feeling very well the last few days. I took him into the doctor on Wednesday for a cough and he was waking himself up from sleeping gasping for air. Jacob had a minor chest cold, no fever, so we got medicine to take for 5 days (which Jake takes like a champ)!

On Friday morning, Jacob had a slight fever but seemed to be feeling okay, just coughing some, but by Friday night, he had a temperature of 101 degrees. We got him down to his diaper, gave him a sippie cup full of water and ice (which he drank almost all of it), had some Tylenol and a lukewarm bath. By bedtime, his temperature was down and had no problem going to sleep.

By 4:30am, I woke up Nate because Jacob was extremely warm, and his temperature was back up, but to 103 this time. Again, more Tylenol and he was so tired, he went back to sleep. A few hours later, off to the doctor yet again... his chest cold has gotten worse, now has an ear infection (which he is not tugging on his ears at all) and had a temperature of 101. So, we are on 2 medications, plus Tylenol and Ibuprofen every 3 hours, rotating medicines. But, all in all, Jacob is playing right now, talking up a storm, running around in his diaper and being himself. He isn't too interested in a bottle or food, but loved his popsicle! We hope you feel better soon munchkin, it's sad to see my little guy feeling yucky!


Julia said...

Poor little guy! I hate when their sick! Especially when they are little and can't explain anything-all they know is that they feel terrible. As a parent you feel so helpless. I am glad he is on the up and up. The antibiotic works fast. Hope you and Nate are feeling rested too. I have lost many many many nights sleep to sick kids. We will be thinking of you!

Julia said...

Jess to answer your question. That is exactly what my kids do too. They are sick for a few days and then that is followed up by almost a week of them sleeping a lot. I think it is because when they are sick the don't sleep very well. so, when they start to feel better they catch up on their much needed zzzz's. It is really normal.
I think the only time that you would be really concerned is if when he has a really high fever and he is super sleepy and lethargic--then definately time to call the Doc.
Little Jacob's body is trying to get well. It's so hard with your first. So, many unknown questions.
I thought that with my 2nd it would be better, but what I do is I will compare them when they are sick.
Ava is always sick it seems like and Sophia is hardly sick. So, I freak out because I think--is she okay? Is it something worse than the flu? You get the idea. Luckily we have a great Ped. who always calms my fears!
Hang in there-the worrying never stops!--Julia