Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oregon Trip

Nathan was asked by Walsh to go down to the Career Fair at OSU to recruit for the Seattle division in Corvallis this year, so Jake and I decided to go along and see some friends. We stayed with our friends Libby and Joe (below is a picture of Jacob relaxing watching Survivor on tv at their house). We had a great time, we went out to Nate's all-time favorite restaurant Big River in Corvallis where he can get his favorite meal and favorite dessert. Libby and I went to the fabulous new spa in Corvallis, 7 Stones where she works at, for a wonderful pedicure (thanks again Libby)!

I had to drop off and pick up Nate a few times around campus for the Career Fair, and it was surreal being on campus. Seeing all the students walking around with their backpacks, hurrying off to class, cars circling parking lots hoping to find parking. It feels so long ago that I was in their shoes, and unbelievable that I was back on OSU campus with my husband and my son.

Joe and Libby's two dogs, Bell (on the floor) and Wyatt (on the couch) - Jake had fun playing with them.

Libby, Jacob and I went over to my old work, OSU Federal Credit Union in Corvallis to visit some friends. It was great seeing everyone! I miss all of you!

On Friday, before Nate, Jake and I headed down to Eugene, we stopped off in Philomath to meet up with some friends for lunch. Here is Jacob with Carri's little girl, Lily (2 months older than Jake).

We went back to Jackie's work after lunch, where the kids got to play with toys and a doggie.

Lily, Carri, Jackie, Jess, and Jacob
It was great to see all of you, it was wonderful to catch up!!
(and Bryan too)!

Jacob crashed out in the car on the way to Eugene

Hanging out at Great-Grandma Abby's

Jacob found the piano at Abby's house, he enjoyed rockin' out!
And no grandma... we do not want a piano for Christmas!

We went over to Jerry's Home Improvement Store in Eugene to visit Grandpa Bill where he works. And of course, it was the weekend the store was having a HUGE tool sale (we were in the store for 2 hours) and we are now proud owners of a table saw. Don't even ask how we loaded it into our car... plus the stroller, plus the pack-n-play, plus the highchair, plus the luggage, plus Jake's toys, etc...

Grandpa Bill and Jacob

Jake kept stealing my dad's pens out of his apron, he found it quite funny for some reason.

Then we spend a few days at our friends Matt and Sara's house. (I liked this picture of Jake having some lunch at their house for some reason). Matt and Sara are in middle of remodeling their home, they are doing some very eco-friendly things, like recycled paint. For those of you that know Sara, you know there is no other way! Great job guys, you are an inspiration to all of us.

We went out to dinner at a Brewery one night for dinner in Eugene and we participated in trivia night and we did awesome!!! We got second place out of maybe 23 teams or so. I think our secret weapon was Jacob, he was pretty good at the political and sports questions, since that's all he hears about these days! Hahaha.

Sara and I also visited a local gallery in Eugene that was celebrating dia de los muertos (day of the dead) a Mexican holiday to honor and celebrate loved ones who have passed. Sara teaches high school Spanish and encourages her students to experience the culture outside her classroom, so we went and checked out the gallery before her students do. It was very moving, makes you wonder what your loved ones would display on a table that would describe you.

On Saturday, we took a walk with Matt, Sara and their dog Billie and met up with our friends Melissa and Cary at a park. Jacob had a great time, he loved all the attention, and he got to go down the slide with Cary and Mel over and over and over again!

Jacob swinging with Sara

Awwww... holding hands... they are so in love. Okay, really, they were lining their feet up to start a contest to see who could swing the highest. I think Matt won, but in all fairness, he is taller.

And awww again... Melissa pushing Cary... hey, shouldn't Cary be pushing Melissa....

Jacob wishing he was taller.

Would you like a leaf?

Aunt Mel and Uncle Cary bought Jacob an early Christmas present! This great red couch that Jake is standing on (he doesn't quite understand the concept yet) and it folds out to a bed as well. It's so cute, thanks Melissa and Cary. And yes, we had to fit in the car with the table saw... it was about the size of a basketball when Nate shoved it in the car, but it's okay now, it was not harmed during the process.


Aren't they cute?
Aunt Sara and Jacob

And who is in control of this remote for the television?!?

That's right, ME!

Going out to dinner on our last night in town (Matt even sacrificed the Duck game on tv - we thank you Matty)!